Work Being Done On Angel Messages of Light Comic Strips

angel messages comic strips angel messages comic strips

During meditation, I was given the urging to do some more comic strips in order to serve the community of people who enjoy my work, and in general for the world. This is my duty now, it seems and the angels are rather insistent at times for me to get to work on these types of works. It seems it is my “job” now and one that only I can do the way I do it.

These angel comics are a part of my life now and something that I feel will continue for a long while if everything works out right.

I decided, based on guidance, to do a bunch of the comic strips at once and to post one a week, automatically for a few months or so. I have done, or started about ten of these so far, as you can see from the photos.

You may have noticed that I reintroduced the “panel” theme on my blog. This theme has a spot on the top of the blog specifically for comic strips. For now, you can  see all of the old strips I have posted in the past.

I still have to scan  in the new ones and get to work on some more and color all of them before I will be able to post any new ones. I was toying with the idea of trying to submit these strips to some sort of publisher or magazine or some sort of website that deals with comic strips, but doing all the research and trying to put myself out there, seems to be a challenge for now. We will see what I decide.

So, I am posting these progress shots in order to pump you all up for the upcoming strips on this blog, or possibly elsewhere. I still have not decided.

angel messages of light comic strips work Tim E Bush Art projects

In the meantime, you may want to catch up on ‘Angel Messages of Light’ with my finished comic book available on Amazon

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2 thoughts on “Work Being Done On Angel Messages of Light Comic Strips

  1. I think, it is funny you say your Angel is pretty persistent with you getting your comic strips done. I find the same thing with the book I am writing. At one point I even wrote how I felt my Angle was being bossy, because honestly when you are following your higher purpose, Your Angel Cheering section gets really excited and keeps you focused, and that can feel like we are being I hope my book, Angels-They Say It’s Time will be done soon, I’m on the final edit. Good luck with your comic strip 🙂

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  2. Thank you! What a great comment. It can be a tough road to write a book but with the help of the angels, you should have plenty blessings along the way. Good luck!


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