Spring Planting In The Studio


Well, here goes again with some spring planting- indoors for now. I bought a ficus tree for some emotional support and for a connection to nature. A while ago (several years ago) I had a golden gate ficus bonsai tree. It died a few years ago and I was a little more than upset about it. With the death of my beagle, I wanted to connect with some of the loving energy I had in the past with this type of tree.

A tree is a far cry from dog-loving, but it is a minor thing that helps lift my mood a bit. Nature and me seem to be close buds (get it?) at times. I love to walk in nature when I am able to, though I have put that off for too long. Living in the city/concrete world, makes me want to connect in at least a small way with the natural world. I have heard it said many times that plant therapy is a great help for depression and anxiety.


I planted some powder puff tree seeds. Powder puff trees seem to really speak to me and they have since I was a little kid. There is something about puffy flowers that explode in joy for my mood. Any chance to bonsai a tree is fun for me. Below you will see the small pots in which I planted these seeds. I have not had a ton of luck with this sort of thing, so I really want this to go well this time.

I was careful enough to plant these seeds and some others on the new moon. New moons are supposed to be good for beginnings and I have heard from some source (I forget which) that planting or sowing seeds on new moons lead to bigger, better crops.



Above you will see a dome terrarium from a desert plant kit. There are a bunch of succulent and cacti seeds in this dome. I am hoping to be able to enjoy some good plants here. This is the first year that I will have plants in the studio versus in my bedroom. I do feel like they will do well in there, so here’s to that.


My cats seem to like to chew on plants, which can be rather annoying when I see my beloved gifts of nature chewed and mangled and sometimes on the floor with broken pots. My solution was to grow some wheat grass seeds for the cats to have their very own chewable plants. This seems to be doing the trick now. These wheat grass seeds are super easy to grow as they are very quick to grow. Only a few days after potting and the seeds sprout like sparks.

That is my life for now,

Tim Edwin B.


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