Final Schedule Change- 5 Days/ Week for AMOL

After three schedule changes for these comic strips, I have come to the conclusion of 5 posts a week for at least a couple weeks. I have scanned in about 6 more strips, on top of the already finished strips I have mentioned before. I know- this is a bit frustrating- one day once a week, the next day 3 days a week, and now 5 days a week.

Let me assure you- this will definitely be a 5 day, weekday, Monday through Friday comic strip. I will use weekends to rest and perhaps work on other projects here and there. For now, this is my job- comic strip artist. My weekly day job is comic strip-making. Hopefully you will all like this stuff. I am not getting paid for these comic strips, so please support me by purchasing some of my art on zazzle products or by buying my comic book. If you feel like donating. please send me a message as I prepare to add a donate button at some point.

That should be all for now. There will be one post tomorrow with a comic strip followed by the weekend where there will be no posts . Sorry for the confusion. My angels really want me to stretch my limits with this work and so hopefully committing to 5x a week is a good start. Don’t worry- there are at least two more weeks already done, or about to be done.

I am not used to sticking to a routine like this, so please bear with me if it is a bit tough to follow. Thanks,


Tim Edwin B.