Comic Strips Coming Up – Stay Tuned

I hope everyone has been enjoying my recent comic strips. I plan to keep this schedule for a while- at least a month or two, probably more. Five comic strips a week on every week day. I already have the next two weeks finished and I am underway on some more for the following weeks. I want to work at least a month ahead before I move on to putting one strip every day.

Five a week is a good start, I think to a regular strip. I am unsure why I am really doing this now because it seems like I am mostly talking to myself when I do these. I do enjoy the great comments I get from time to time, but it is just basically me in a room drawing and posting. No one to really talk to about them.

I have some other angel messages projects in the works and I am sure you must know about most of my projects already. I think I am a bit of a workaholic in a lot of ways. Not easy to do when I have a history of health problems.

Anyhow, enjoy the upcoming strips and let me know what you think of them if you get a chance. I feel like I am sort of putting myself out on a limb with this stuff, but perhaps there are at least a few of you out there who enjoy them.

Have a nice weekend,

Tim Edwin B.

2 thoughts on “Comic Strips Coming Up – Stay Tuned

  1. Tim. I feel the same way about putting myself out on a limb with a lot of the things I share in my book. However, I was specifically told by my Angel to stop worrying about how I may be judged. The time is now for the world to wake, up to what resides on the other side of the veil, another message given to me. I think you may be on a similar mission. I am also working from home alone. We can connect to the Angels better in the quiet without distraction when we are on a Divine Mission. We are lucky to have that quiet time. We can listen, reflect and put into action the messages give to us that we are being guided to share, with those who are seeking. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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    1. Thank you Suzanne. That’s so nice of you. Yes, I do find going within helps to connect especially when I have nothing else to do all day. It gets a bit lonely though and I’m never sure if what I post rings true for others. I’m learning more and more that everyone has their own filters and usually none of it has any true correlation to what I know to be true for me. Everyone has their own reasons for thinking things. I hope your book comes out well. I’m looking forward to reading it now. 🙂


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