This Past Week of Angel Messages- Status Update

I hope you have all been enjoying the comic strips. I have two more weeks after next week ready to be scanned in and colored. I am enjoying this process tremendously. It is a lot of fun to try to come up with new ideas almost every day. The continuity of one project that is time consuming but with small parts done and finished every day is really nice.

I am so used to ten projects that take forever to reach completion that a finished product, or several parts finished every day, is nice. Comic Strips are that nice juicy one punch kind of deal that I seem to thrive on now.  I needed something like this I just didn’t know how much. I will continue to work on this for a while now.

I will still work on some of my other projects when I have the chance so I still want to leave the strips up for only five a week, on weekdays. I am setting each post to post at exactly 9:00 AM EST. Monday-Friday. So stay tuned for that. I want them to be the first thing you see when you wake up to inspire your whole day. I know time zones are all different but that seems to be the middle ground from where I’m at.

This past week, I  have been having difficulty with the posts here showing up wrong on Google plus and not posting to Facebook. I’m still getting a hang of it after so many years of internet use. Hopefully my trouble shooting will go smoothly for all of you.

Please remember that there is a graphic novel very similar to these comic strips available on and hopefully elsewhere soon. I lowered the price to $2.99 for digital books which is the lowest Amazon will let me sell it for. There is also a physical book available on Amazon and

I hope to finish my second graphic novel, similar but totally different to “Angel Messages Of Light” by the end of June or July. It is taking longer due to the daily work on the comic strips so hopefully I can work ahead more.

It seems like I am working way too hard from what I just wrote, but I am taking my time and taking care of myself. I am going slow and only working for about four or five hours a day so as to enjoy the great weather in my area this time of year.   (partly due to weekends off and working ahead) …

Have fun today and every day everyone. I am having a blast and I feel healing energy pouring through me every day. Thanks for following and reading. 🙂

Tim Edwin B.