This Past Week- To Strip or Not to Strip

This past week was tough for me emotionally and energetically. I was tired most days and stressed as well. I am having doubts about my work. Why am I doing these comic strips? Does anyone even like them? I was asking and doubting myself many times this past week.

I am questioning stopping the strips for a while even though I really just got started. I like doing them and I feel they are a good thing to work on, but there is little payback yet. The comic book that these strips came from is not selling at all. I submitted it to “comixology”, an app for tablets and phones which is also a  website. Comixology is the place to go for comics. I have to wait about three months to be accepted, if I am accepted. I had to take it off of the exclusive Amazon kindle unlimited in order to do this.

Every time I made money this month, I have had fees to cover the amount I made from this place or that place. Overdraft fees are killing me. I hate to bring money into this site, but I am struggling to have enough to eat.

It’s been a bit of an uphill thing this week. I did manage to get some comic strips ready for next week. Monday- Friday there will be new strips posted. I do have a start on the week after next as well, but I am questioning whether I really want to stick with it. If it is this stressful, then why do it?

I read many times that what an artist finds most difficult, be it perspective, the human figure, this or that, then the artist should work on that the most. Comic strips and this subject matter are the toughest things for me to think of doing, and I am doing them. This sort of idea parallels a meme I saw written by Caroline Myss that says –

Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.” – Caroline Myss

This seems counter to what some other new age authors think or suggest.  Esther hicks says to allow the stream of wellbeing to flow, go with the choices that seem most fun and exciting. (paraphrased of course). I keep getting confused by this sort of difference in opinion. When I think about it, it seems more appropriate to go with the fun thing, the “Follow your bliss” of Joseph Campbell and the others who quote that saying over and over.

I wonder if the sentiment to go with the difficult thing, the scary thing is a conditioned response that the society I live in would pound into everyone’s head- “You have to work hard to make a living” “The only way to true success is hard work”- that sort of thing.

So, is my comic strip the scariest thing for me right now? YES and yes. Do I want to go with something more fun? YES and yes. Will I continue with this work? I don’t know. Will it be fun again? Probably.

So there you have it.

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Sorry about the site design changes. I have been having a tough time with the dedicated wordpress “Panel theme”. Every time I post a post, it will go to email and out to all the social media sites; but the panel theme also has a “comic” section at the top that only goes out to social media and not to email. And the only way to get all the comic strips together on a gallery type thing at the top of the blog is to post a “comic” type post. Many of you have probably been seeing double posts of my comic strips and I don’t like this at all. So I switched to a much simpler type of theme which will only go out once, but there will not be a navigational way to go through the comic strips other than to scroll. (for now)


Tim Edwin B.

2 thoughts on “This Past Week- To Strip or Not to Strip

  1. Tim, the only person you need to listen to is You! You’re spirit won’t lie. Ask a question, if the answer feels good, it’s your spirit guiding you, if it feels bad, or heavy, it’s your ego.
    Everything is a lesson. …the question is…have you already learned this one?
    I like your comic strips… 🙂 Keep on shining your light, because you never know who you are helping. …not everyone replies or hits the like button.

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  2. Thanks @Suzanne. That feels good to hear that. I go back and forth between “it feels good” to “stop right now, you’re making a fool of yourself” which is surely the ego, but it’s super strong at times.


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