Spirit Animals- Angel Messages of Light Comic Strip

Spirit animals are animals whose spirit speaks to your own. Sometimes they are active and sometimes not. Sometimes they change as well.
Spirit animals are animals whose spirit speaks to your own. Sometimes they are active and sometimes not. Sometimes they change as well.

There is a bit of a story that goes along with this post. My sister, who was 1.5 years younger than me, LOVED frogs beyond description. When she was little, it was frogs, frogs, frogs and nothing else. She had stuffed animals, stickers, books, even live frogs as pets. She collected them and whenever she saw a frog, she would get excited. Her favorite was the red eyed tree frogs that had neon markings all over them.

Her love of frogs always stuck with me over the years. Unfortunately, she only made it to 18 years old. She has been deceased since 2002, which is a long time to go without my sister. When she was alive, people would mistake us as twins. She was so much fun to be around and so much joy was brought to this planet because of her sense of humor. She is much missed and at times I can’t stop thinking about her still.

Tragically, she got involved with drugs and stole from my mother and all sorts of bad things going on there. I know she was just looking for an escape and a way out of the struggles with my parents. Long story short, her death is one of the reasons I got into mediumship, spirit guides and other sort of spiritual practices. I quit smoking marijuana because of her death as I didn’t want to go down the same path.

So, as I was making this comic strip, I was thinking of her. I did the pencil outline with my blue pencils and then laid down to meditate. I heard a voice mention a band that I never heard of before. As I was meditating while listening to spotify, I naturally looked it up right there. One of the albums was called “In the Arms of Angels.” The band’s name was The Celtic Angels so I just thought it was one of their own titles. As I listened to the album, I got chills and good vibes. Then came the song that was a cover that played at my sister’s funeral. The original song was Sarah McLaughlin’s “In The Arms Of Angels” and is a song that had played many times in depressive bouts of emotion since that day, moreso in the past than the present.

Overwhelmed with emotion, when the song came on, it sort of skipped like a rapper would be skipping his album. There was so much skipping, I almost stopped listening, but I got the image of my sister sending a rapper to play the song rather than the melodramatic depressing version of the original song and this cover. She became really interested in rap music back then. Biggie Smalls was still alive and popular back then and she loved calling Big Poppa if you get the reference.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was depressing, but fun at the same time. I took that as a huge sign from her that she was watching me make this comic strip. The next day, I inked and scanned and colored this with memories and chills and a nod of approval from my little sister who was like a twin to me.

I almost got a tattoo just like the second panel above, but more realistic. A bullfrog with a tear coming down his face. I opted for a less depressing tattoo which I still regret not getting the better looking more meaningful bullfrog.

As it goes she was not able to make it to the “20 years later” part of the strip above, though I’m sure my whole family would have loved it if she had.

Please share this story and comic strip if you feel like it.

Tim Edwin B.

I miss you Lawrie..

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