Ebay Listing for Large Abstract Watercolor Shape Painting Live (starting $47)

wpid-img_20150427_142532_rewind.jpg wpid-img_20150427_142527_rewind.jpg wpid-img_20150427_142545_rewind.jpg

I finally listed this painting shown here (click image for listing). I did this a while back- about a year or so ago. It has been in storage in my bedroom for a while in the box you see here. It is about 36 or so inches at its longest dimension. I put a lot of care into this and I think it is one of my better ones. The images here do not do it any justice really, but my limitations at the moment are to just use my cell phone camera.

This will fill up a 3 foot wall for the most part. I have been thinking over how someone would frame this sort of thing and the best and easiest option I could come up with was a magnetic plexiglass clear acrylic frame that you would be able to see the wall behind the image. One thing I really wanted to do, but was unable to was to cut custom acrylic or glass to go along with the shape of this painting so that the “glass” was a natural extension of the image itself.

Anyhow, if you are interested in a great watercolor shape for your wall, please check out the ebay listing for this work of art. It will be ending on Sunday 5/10/15 at around 9pm EST.. You still have time to get your bid or follow in but I would recommend following now on ebay so you can get notifications of the listing’s progress.

Hope you all have a great weekend and have fun with the lovely weather that is going on out there.


Tim Edwin B.