The Birth of a New Schedule- One Strip/week

I am thinking I want to follow a schedule for this blog. I know I have attempted this more times than I can keep track of, but this seems good to me. I tend to run in cycles of wanting routine and wanting unpredictability.

First off, I want to cut back on the comic strips. All the way down to one or two a week. (Mondays/Tuesdays) This is because it is too stressful for me to be beholden to one subject every day and it takes away from some of my other work. This way I can post more of what I want and still stick to the comic strip regularly.

This week, there will be one strip on Monday and one on Tuesday as a sort of transitional deal and because those are the ones that are done for now. I will be free to express myself in other ways the rest of the week and to start new projects if I want to.

This will be the tentative schedule from next week on-

MONDAY- Comic strip (AMOL)

TUESDAY- Blog post with photos hopefully -or comic strip

WEDNESDAY- Abstract/ whatever project I am working on

THURSDAY- Abstract/ whatever project I am working on

FRIDAY- Readings from one of my card decks or someone else’s (I want to practice giving readings)

SATURDAY- Recap on my week and thoughts on life

SUNDAY- Day off.

Of course this is tentative and there may not be a post every day listed. (Sometimes it is tough to come up with a post topic or I get busy with life, etc.)

I hope this is acceptable to everyone- if it’s not, oh well, because this is what I am sticking to for now.

I hope you all have a great week this week and next week and the week after. Hopefully by then, this schedule will still be in effect.

Tim Edwin B.