Chimpanzee Oracle Cards


Here is an Oracle card deck I have started a while ago but I don’t recall posting about it.

The idea here was to create an easy to use Oracle card deck for children or people who like monkeys and chimpanzees. I wanted something fun that is approachable and easy to get a handle on and understand.

This was about as far as I got with the whole process. I had too many other projects to work on and I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in this. It just didn’t feel like the right time to work on it for a while.

It was shelved and I may work in it some more soon. We will see.



Next week,I hope to give a reading on Friday, but I am not sure if I will feel like it. For this week,I just wanted to post a few pics. I hope you like this idea. I have three finished Oracle card decks that you can see on all the sidebars on this blog.

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Tim Edwin B.

2 thoughts on “Chimpanzee Oracle Cards

  1. Absolutely. It is difficult to come up with a pictorial representation of abundance that a child would understand. The card could also warn of greed or materialism if that is the issue, which is a lesson in itself.

    In any case,I am not sure that I will continue this project as it is a lot of work and I have many other projects calling my name.

    Thanks for your great comment. I will continue to try to find better representations for future cards. You made me think. 🙂


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