I’ve Joined Printallover.me

Angel Hoodie

Printallover.me is a website where you can upload artwork in order for your designs to be printed all over products for sale. With your help,I am hoping to make some sales. From what I hear, this is a good site with quality products. I’ve only uploaded and created a few items in order to test the waters. Let me know what you think about these items. Would you purchase them? Do you know anyone who would like them?

I had this vision in mind for a while- shirts and other items fully printed all over with my artwork. I was inspired by seeing this type of thing from other abstract artists on threyda.com they seem to have it all figured out there and I pine for some if the shirts there. Anyhow, without actually joining threyda, I found this site that seems to be comparable in their products, but I am not sure exactly how they differ.

Anyhow, check out my page on printallover.me

Abstract T shirtAbstract HoodieAbstract t shirtAbstract t shirt

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