Abstract Charcoal Drawing Step by Step – Part 2


Above is where I left this drawing of last week. Below is where it is now.

This was a tough thing for me to make. Going from smaller works that I can sit and relax while making, to this giant drawing, was a big leap. I had to stand a lot more than usual and a lot of that time I was barefoot on hardwood floors. Barefoot on wood floors gets uncomfortable after a while, especially when there are wood chips from sharpening charcoal pencils all around.

I could call this done as is, but I will probably work on it here and there for another couple of days. I am unsure at this point what the next project will be, but I came up with some great ideas while in between drawing sessions.

I was going to post progress shots of stages in between last week’s photo and this week, but it is tough to tell the difference between one stage and the next, so I went with beginning and end of week because the difference is more

I want to sell this on eBay at some point but I am a bit worn out right now. I need to do more drawings like this to build up my stamina.

Sorry to the folks who were looking forward to more Angel comic strips. I am thinking of taking at least a few more months off of that project and am unsure that I will return to it at all.

Thanks for following,

Tim Edwin B.