Angel Comic Strip to Return for “Test Run”

Next week, starting on Monday at 6 AM EST, I will be posting one  comic strip a day in order to give it a bit of a “test run” to see if I want to commit to the comic strip project.

It is often difficult to see myself as someone who makes a thing like that. My interests have dramatically changed from one of dark and somber and strange to the pristine purity of angels. There are still remnants of my former life to deal and contend with.

Battling bipolar disorder and all that goes with that makes things difficult to focus on one project for any amount of time. Stress and anxiety play a tough role to get over. I worry about what others think of me and what the world wants more- strange or normal. I guess I am a bit of both. I guess that is okay for the most part.

Part of me questions whether the angel project can even be called “normal” at all. There is a bit of strangeness that goes with being a person interested in spirituality and who even goes so far as to create something on a larger scale than in his own home in private- without sharing with anyone. I guess I’d rather have a great audience for my inner quests to seek the beauty of heaven than not.

Coming from a sort of hell to a sort of epiphany about the love “God” truly has is a turnaround for me. A complete 180 flip of directions. I have learned from my own meditations and my own pursuits to better myself that heaven really wants me to continue down this path. But I fight with it. I go back and forth and decide one way then the other. I have too many projects to work on and I want to follow too many paths. Being broke all of the time doesn’t help.

So I’m trying to decide if this is what I truly want to do. If you feel up to it- pray for me to find the perfect direction for the blog and for the world. What is more important? Heaven or pursuit of abstraction? I guess I am still unsure of myself.

Thanks for following and please think about purchasing one of my products from the home page of this blog or from my zazzle store. Every little bit helps, even if just a small postcard or something small. I love doing this work, but if I can’t afford to eat while doing it, it makes it difficult to want to focus on anything.

Thanks for following along here on my very own blog.

Tim Edwin B.