Please Support Angel Messages of Light On Patreon So I Can Keep on Making Them.

I am taking the plunge into If you haven’t heard of it, it is a website that makes it possible for creative people to be supported by their patrons, or fans.

In order to keep on creating the work that you see on this blog, I will have to have some sort of support in place financially or I may have to find something else to do. I want to make a comic strip a day as I have planned for next week and as I have done in the recent past.

Payments start at $1 per week of comic strips. That is only $4-$5 a month if I post one every day. 7 comic strips for $1 is a good deal I think. Of course, you can donate as much as you want per week if you want to (please want to).This is all a trial run for now. If I get at least one subscriber, I will continue to make the comic strips after next week. If not, I may have to figure something out besides blogging.

Please think about donating to my patreon account so that I can keep doing what I love to do.