What to Expect From TImebush.com in August

I’m on a vacation of sorts here, and enjoying it. I’m still getting some work done now and then. I have been realizing by not blogging all the things that I was letting go of in order to blog. Daily posts and daily comic strips are fun, but a LOT of work. Too much for me to commit to on a day to day basis. If the idea is to inspire people and invoke some positive energy, it would make sense if I were in a good mood to do it.

I have been at work on some tarot cards and some children’s book work as well as some of my other oracle card decks. It is fun to take it slower and I think it really adds to the quality of the work. I have been at work on some other things too- relaxation, gardening, enjoying the weather and rearranging furniture. I moved a recliner up into my bedroom and rearranged the furniture in my room several times. I know- not all that amazing, but a break is a break and the middle of summer is the best time for one in my book.

I have had some recent additions to my pet population. My bearded dragons laid eggs several months ago and they actually hatched after about two months of caring for eggs- (making sure they have the right temperature and moisture levels). I will post photos at some point.

I am still going to take off for the rest of the month, but I wanted to add a little update for any of you dying to hear from me and my world (I know I am just a person on the internet whom you’ve probably never met). I also wanted to let you know what to expect when I do make my blogging return.

I am going to focus on divination and post some routine blog stuff- things about my world and life here and there. I want to get a written post to update you all once a week about what I’ve been up to- a sort of diary in a way (the original intention for blogs), I want to get a card painting or drawing for you to view every now and again as well. There will be step by step posts of some of my card work. I don’t think I will post every day, but more like 3-5 times a week. I have a bit of a life I want to live out here in non-computer world.

I can’t give any promises that I will return to comic strips on a regular basis. I have to take things a bit slower than that and also have time to work on my other projects. I hope to be a bit more laid back in terms of posting posting posting and I want to try to get some more practice card readings up here just to get used to the process of giving actual readings. I want to use mostly my own card decks to let you get a chance to see how to use these things I have created here.

That is most of it. I am also thinking of trying to introduce myself and followers to some new sorts of divination and some unusual types as well. I know it may seem strange to some of you that a person may be able to gain any sort of insight into life through divinatory means, but I think I may be able to show some of you what it is like and how it works. I am still learning here myself, but I am making progress. I hope to see you all soon and I hope my work will be of some help to you all.


Tim Edwin B.