Reworking First Oracle Card Attempt and Some Newer Work

oracle card proofs

A long time ago, when I was first getting into spiritual topics and ideas, it dawned on me that oracle and tarot cards are a great thing to try and to focus upon. I was impressed with the act of divination and the process of using what looked like great art in order to figure things out.

My art school training and knowledge about picture interpretation lent a great hand in the process of interpreting cards. I knew then that I would have to try to create some form of divination deck of my own.

I set to work straight away and worked emphatically on some paintings that seemed to be complex and intricate. I hit a wall. i realized that this sort of thing would take years to complete. I panicked and attempted some more basic art for other card decks that had the same image for each card, only slightly altered. I focused on the quick and simple and in a sense I was able to create something that really worked.

Now I am going back over that first attempt that I never really gave up on and I am reinvigorating the project, this time with more experience and more patience. Slow and steady getting ready.

I printed out some of the early works just to see whether I would have something that would be usable and I had tons of fun seeing the prints- so much so that I printed out some of the cards for a much later attempt at oracle making as well. I realized that this is part of the process- printing proofs midway between deck creation allows me to see if I am on the right track and whether or not what I am working on will really work Plus it is fun to see something the right size that is holdable and tangible that will mimic the final project.

This would have helped previously in a lot of ways. Live and learn as you go, as they say. I still have a long way until completion, but it is fun so far. (I keep saying fun.)

Here are some photos.

The top row is the older work. The bottom row is the newer work.

oracle card proofs

oracle card proofs

I am working on several (probably too many) projects at once and am going back and forth between them all. I either lose interest at times or I  have to let things percolate before moving forward with one project or the other. It is kind of good to have several different projects at once. I am never really bored.

I hope to post some more oracle card work soon. I have a how-to coming up next week for one of my tarot cards and some of my other projects as well. On Monday, I want to get a one card reading- or perhaps a two or three card reading- from one of my card decks up on this blog.

In the meantime, stay tuned to my facebook page (yes, I am actually going to be posting to it) and my instagram page, as well as my pinterest page.