Wednesday Oracle (W)eading- Reading for the week


7-29-15 minor healing oracleI have pulled three cards from my oracle card deck, Minor Healing Oracle (Available now at the game These cards are for me as much as for you. Take what you want, and leave the rest. The cards are “Mystery’, “Complex” and “Ask Later.”

It was my intention to make this card deck for daily obstacles and goals and to allow a person to type or write or talk out the messages they received while using these cards. (journaling works well with this deck)

As simple and as seemingly meaningless as they may seem, you will find that you will be able to come about some significant insight if you just start talking about how the cards match up with your life or about what they make you think about. The goal is to just get started talking and allow what insight wants to come in.  I will do that now.

I think that it is a “mystery” that is “complex” that I have waited until now (the middle of the week) to get this reading out to all of you. I have decided to “ask later” rather than sooner.

Perhaps you are also dealing with a complex situation that you don’t understand and you just want to walk away and leave it for later. Yes, it is a good idea to walk away when things get too uncomfortable as long as you get back to it at a later time.

You may have to “ask later” when you get too confused about things today but be sure to come back again with a refreshed and clear mind. What you don’t understand now can be made clear later. It helps to switch between one activity and another.

I know when I make my art projects, I will reach a wall of sorts, and no matter how much I want to continue with a project, It is just NOT the time to work on it. I know from experience now that when I do get back to the project I felt stopped at before, I will come back with a refreshed mindset and one where I feel like what I have been working on in the meantime has allowed the project to get what it truly needs.

You may be dealing with something similar now- caught between one project and another and not really wanting to switch. It is a process of life.

Maybe you are trying to force a situation and make it work, but it just does not want to happen. This is a time to step back, reevaluate and get on with other things in the meantime. As complex as they are now, it will be easily understood later why you are going through a current set of situations.

Perhaps you are going back and forth between whether you want to go out with this person, or that person, or do this thing or the other thing. Now is a time where it would be best to step away and gather yourself and let things develop naturally. You ARE meant to do what you want to do, but sometimes the timing just does not want to line up for you. Trust that things happen for their higher purpose and for perfect divine timing.

You may not want to believe it, but things are sometimes blocked for your better good even if you really really really really want it to happen now. You will look back on this current situation and realize it was better for you to have waited anyhow. Trust, take care of yourself and take time to think things through by working on something else for a while. You will be surprised how much a change of activity can clear blocks on something.

Thank you for reading along folks. I hope this helps you with where you are right now. I want to get a reading up every week now, but I am unsure what my schedule will be like. If this card deck looks interesting to you, please think about purchasing it from

Tim Edwin B.