Weekend Oracle Reading for 7-31-15



Here is the reading for the weekend. I am pulling cards from my very own self published oracle card deck. This deck is best used by telling a story of sorts when pulling cards. It is meant to come to deep realizations by the process of speaking or writing out your thoughts based on what the cards make you think. I usually pull three cards and write a bit in my journal, then pull three more and write some more. For here, I will just use three cards (both pictures have the same cards)

The cards are “Indoors” , “Harvest” , and “Earth”

In today’s society, we can have so much just brought to our doors and never really have to leave the house to see the rest of the earth. There are so many things that can just show up to your door without ever really experiencing what the rest of the earth is like. A veritable bounty of things can be had at the push of a button. The angels are warning us all that time spent indoors is best spent as a hobby, and hobbies are to be treasured, but it cannot really be a full-time occupation.

This is something I have severely struggled with. Why go out when what I want is here anyhow? Why be a part of earth when all that I need can be ordered and arrive within hours in some cases?

Lately, I have actually been getting out and socializing in a manner that I would never have attempted before.

It was tough and I felt nervous, and probably made a LOT of mistakes, but I needed it and having other people to talk with was a real wake up call in what I have been missing.

That’s the thing with these cards, they always want you to look at your life where you are now and show you where you most need to work. It can be tough to admit where you are wrong or tough to face up to all the difficulties in life, but they always show the next best step; the next best place to focus on.

To be a participant in life, I have to get out and see the beauty on Earth, not just enjoy the niceties that are available to just about everyone. I can feel myself growing as I face the realities that I need to get out- way more often, if only for about 10-15 minutes a day.

Life is a growing opportunity and to really truly have abundance, one has to see and take part in the abundance and bounty that are all around us – not just one small section of your house.

That is about all for the weekend. It seems they want us to get out and have some fun, or to at least make plans to get out more often. That is something I definitely have to take part in and work on.

I hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy the nice weather if you happen to have it. If not, make plans for a nice day out soon.


Tim  Edwin B.

If you are interested in these cards, please check them out on thegamecrafter.com