Weekly Reading for 8/3/15 – 8/7/15

Today’s reading will come from my very own oracle card deck- Abstracted Divination. I am being guided to talk about my life with this reading, so I will write out how this relates to my life and you can see if there is something similar that resonates with you.



The cards are “Spoiled, sour, awkward growth” and “Family- Togetherness” and “Things Happening- Confusion”

This tells me that there is something going on with family issues. The way the family is and all the events happening at this time are moving around and going in all different ways. The “spoiled, awkward growth” card speaks to me and where I have come from.

When I was young, I was fairly spoiled and got just about everything I needed and wanted. I didn’t realize until the past few years just how much I had and just how good things were. I was spoiled and nothing was good enough for me.

I felt and understood as a kid that those things that I had easily were not enough to truly know, love and respect the world. I didn’t have the attention I wanted from one parent and I didn’t have the ease of communication with the other. Everything was extreme and nothing satisfied.

Despite these problems, I had enough to eat, anything I wanted, I got and the house and bills were always paid. Nowadays, that is not the case. So, while things were good materially back then, family and home life was trying most of the time. That is no one’s fault as everyone is doing the best they can and we are all learning at the same time.

I am much older now and I realize the other side of the coin and my past problems seem to be way less problematic. I now know that having things when not appreciating it really is not very mature. I am learning to work with what I have and to find better ways to do things without all the anger and stress. Where I would be jealous of people and wanting even more only proved how troubled I was on the egoic level.

As an adult, needing to make a living and make progress with my career in order to survive has taught me some valuable lessons. I can no longer rely on someone superior and older to support me. I am finding I need to take care of a lot more on my own.

The “family- togetherness” card in conjunction with the “awkward growth” tells me that there has been some awkward or less than healthy ways of interacting with family members. The “Things happening-confusion” card with the other two tells me that there has been some development with all of that. My family issues are healing more and more and I am understanding that the past was the past and not so good, but I was lucky enough to get everything I wanted and needed.

Now, I am getting that I am making progress with the whole ‘abundance’ issues. Just today, I was offered to take part in a survey that will net me an extra $100 which is much needed for food costs. I have also received several job opportunities today and that was only within a matter of hours. “Things Happening” means that sometimes things happen quickly.

It seems to be about material abundance in this reading, but there is really a whole lot more going on. Things are happening to support the family rather than arguments, and anger, my family seems to be working more closely together. Though I have separate parents and seperate parental figures, they have all been really supportive of me lately and where it would not have worked before, we are all older and are coming from a more mature perspective. Stepping back and allowing and forgiving seem to be big building blocks to the future abundance I hope to have again.

I hope this has some relevancy to your life now. You never know that you are making progress until years of events happen. You never know where you came from and what brought you to where you are until you look  back and reflect on how things were. Sometimes developing your self is awkward and unsure. Sometimes things seem to be bad and really when looking back they were much better in retrospect and now, from this future perspective, we can look back and see where we were wrong and so will not make the same mistakes.

It is the same for the whole planet- we are all growing at the same time; all becoming more than we were. Where we would never have spoken up or stood up for ourselves before, we are now taking charge of our lives and making progress; sometimes it is just chaotic or abundantly happening all at once.

Now is a time of growth and development and learning from our past mistakes.

Evolution of the soul does not happen all of a sudden. It is a cumulative process and sometimes things do not seem easy and they probably are not, but eventually you can make it through and look back on any past pains from family issues or whatever else has been bothering you. Healing takes time and many years when coming from a dark or depressing place.

I will leave you with that for now.

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