Abstract Oracle Reading for 8-9-15 Week

I am pulling some cards from my very own oracle card deck, “Abstracted Divination.” The cards are “Peace- time alone- ease – comfort” and “It’s okay if you go through this now” and “Disarray- Chaotic happening.”



You may feel like you are in the middle of things, but sometimes being in the middle of things leads to great growth. And maybe not only yours.

When I tune in, I see this week as one of self care as many weeks have been recently. It is like this year has been all about getting in tune with yourself and taking care of you and your life and now you are reaping the rewards from time alone. Time alone can mean that you may have been spending 10-15 minutes alone here and there just to rest and recharge. They are saying “sometimes it is necessary to grieve and be alone in order to heal and move on. You wouldn’t want a chaotic event to un-hinge you and you wouldn’t go unprepared into battle. Sometimes the energy is intense and you have to take cover in order to shield against the storm. Weather can be predicted, but so can human abuse, integrity,  and dissonance.”

I see time at the beach for some of you. Even though you are not alone at the beach most times, you can still commune with nature and its healing energies “on your own terms” without anyone intervening in your thoughts. There is a thing such as personal space and ambiguity. If you are reluctant to spend time addressing your need to be alone and contemplate, then know that there is a way to be “in the crowd, but not of it”. Something I have a hard time getting over.

They say “don’t focus on the negative. There are some dark spots here and there and you are picking out all the negatives rather than focusing on all the color and good vibes that are all around. And most of the dark spots are truly insignificant in the grand scheme. You may not like where you are, but there is always beauty everywhere you look, you just have to notice and focus and enhance all the good that is around you.

There are times when things do not look how you want them to and there are times you have to pull the shovel out and clean up the trash, but even in those times, there is great strength to overcome and make it through. They are saying it is not a “bad week” so to speak, but there are a few difficulties to get through, as in any week. We just don’t want you to focus on the bad things when you can make a difference in your life and “choose to be happy.” And they are emphasizing the fact that you “choose” what you want to experience. You get a chance to script your own life now and that is a good thing, not something to avoid or ignore, but to embrace and make changes.

Events in the world may seem negative and bad, but that is mostly because we are so used to focusing in on the negative and banging the drum of “bad bad bad” that we don’t notice we have a choice to avoid negative thoughts. They are saying that “negative things happen, but if you really want to be a help, you have to be in a more positive place than the problem.”

This is something that we as humans have a difficulty with. We go about talking about this bad thing or that bad thing and we don’t have a chance to take in the scenery or to view the birds that are playing in the water on the ground, or perhaps a squirrel or chipmunk having fun chasing a nut. You are mostly alone in your thoughts, but true alone-ness only means you get to connect with heaven and god. Nature allows more beauty in your life and yes, there may be an oil spill damaged beach (Not saying there will be, but just an example) or there may be pollution here or there, but if you can’t put your mindset on a solution, there will never be one (not saying there won’t be a solution.)

See any problems as a gift that is allowing you to enhance your life. A problem here or there are only put in place to tell you that you need to know that you can get through anything. And they are emphasizing “anything”.

Some of you may be in cold climates or perhaps the air conditioning is too cold for you, but when you are in the heat, the cold can be a blessing. See any problems as just changing conditions and each condition has some way to control it. Maybe you can just change the thermostat or maybe you can go to the extreme of running around trying to generate body heat. Both are solutions, but one may be way too easy to be believed.

I am sorry I was unable to get more readings up this week. I have been trying to enjoy life more than work hard (as you can tell by this reading). Spending time alone is my forte. Most of my readings are very much applicable to my own life. Sometimes I think I am just typing things for myself on here, but that is the purpose of blogging.

If this work helps you or makes you feel any better, please let me know and leave a comment.

This card deck is available at thegamecrafter.com

I will be posting some more tarot card deck progress this week, and maybe a card progression from my first attempt at oracle crafting. Other than that, I am unsure. I am leaving the blog to about three posts a week and I feel comfortable with that for now.


Tim Edwin B.

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  1. Tim, I love this. I literally just published a post on self care a few moments ago, and when I checked in here and saw your reading, I chuckled. Uh… yes, this reading applies to me too, apparently. 🙂

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