Reading for 8-12-15


Here is the reading for today. I pulled some cards from my very own oracle card decks – “Minor Healing Oracle” and “Abstracted Divination.”

The cards from “Minor Healing Oracle” seem to be saying that now is a time to be more private with your difficulties. You don’t want to hold everything in, but rather retreat to a place alone in order to process any frustrations with the world, yourself, or your family or friends. Getting away from the problems sometimes solves the problems.

The “Leave Unhealthy Situations” card from “Abstracted Divination” echoes this same sentiment. Sometimes you have to retreat and be alone in order to “know” what to do. This seems to only indicate the course of action for today and possibly tomorrow as well. It seems counter intuitive to “hide away” from your problems, but that is being suggested here. It is more along the lines of taking time out to get in tune with how you really feel in order to take the best possible course of action that you truly  want to take.

Tuning into your own feelings and thoughts and ideas can help you to face any problems or difficulties. Meditation will be a great help now, but I feel that they are really saying that the energy supports time alone and reflection right now. It’s like the tune-in before the big action is here. They want you to know that you can achieve anything in the coming days, but to be sure to take a hold of things and quieten the small voice in your head that wants to fight or argue. It feels like any arguments will just disappear once you take the time to deal with the inner energies that are around you.

Right now it is really supported for you to be able to listen to your own inner thoughts and feelings in order to take the best course of action or decisions. Really, there are some million dollar ideas out there for people who tune into their intuition on a daily basis and now is the time to take action after listening and tuning into your higher selves.

That is all I am getting for now. I hope to have another reading up on Friday, or possibly tomorrow. If this has helped you and you are interested in the cards used here, please think about supporting me on patreon where I hope to be able to get these cards printed and ready for sale as well as buy supplies for the blog and art.

Thank you,

Tim Edwin B.