From Air Conditioners to Divine Essence Unity

It has been hot here lately. Very hot. Air  conditioner hot.

I don’t necessarily like air conditioners as they are super loud to the point of deafening and they are full of coolant that is probably worse for the environment than I will ever know; but it is nice to be cool when it is hot out. It is nice to have comfort when there normally would be none. Air conditioners can save lives.

My baby lizards are growing up and I am having a tough time getting food for them. They eat about 500 crickets/week and that gets costly, even if I send away for them over the internet. It is fun to watch them eat though. It is fun to see them grow and have fun and learn and run around.

There always seems to be a trade-off for things. I tend to try to focus on the positive. I was never able to do that before. In the past, a hot room, or a loud a/c, or hungry lizards would drive me nearly insane.

It is the whole process of changing my thoughts that has been difficult. Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your life and you will be a completely different person. Change is not necessarily easy, but it is often necessary and always imminent. It is unavoidable and absolutely permanent in reality.

What I find is that no matter how much a person changes, there is always a core element to them. A core part of them that is unchangable, unalterable. This part could be called the divine essence, or core vibration, or fundamental aspect of a person. This part is usually only attachable to one person- always unique.

Every moment, there is a new set of conditions. Every moment, there is an absolute difference than before, but the essence of it is the same. The room doesn’t change shape, but the thought from moment to moment is different. It is the speed at which change occurs that makes things seem unchangeable, and it is the core essence of whatever environment or whatever people are around that keeps it seemingly the same.

You could say there is a core element to the entire universe, that it is all made up of the same stuff- the same energy- that there is one ultimate truth and essence that goes out into every particle that makes up the known and unknown universe.

This core element may be consciousness. They say everything you observe changes and exists due to your own perception of what is there. Your observation makes a difference. Perhaps there is some cosmic perciever out there, combining atoms from his/her perceptions- always following the laws of the universe, so mathematically precise that there is one constant, core essence to all of reality.

This gives unity a whole new meaning. Every element that makes up every little part has a piece of perception to it. Every element of everything has perception and belief wrapped up into it. If you change something, you put that piece of you in it, you perceived that change and your perception changed the universe. You caused the great perceiver’s perception to alter course and so you affected the cosmic whole. You can’t help but to do this. You can’t help but to exist and affect existence.

There is something endearing about that. There is something exceptional to that. You are loved enough to be allowed to change everything. You are here enough to affect your small part of the world. There is some perception that you have that can change it all for the better. There is a lot of power in that. You have to realize that your power lies in your perception and your perception is always you, changeable and malleable into something better. You can’t help but be you and you are so important that you are able to affect it all. For the better. You can heal the world with your small self. The universe is changed by you.

So if it is hot, change the temperature. If it is something that needs your care and attention- look to it and get it changed for the better. Perceive a better way for the world. Change your beliefs, the whole thing changes right along with it. From something as simple as giving your attention to the things that need to be done and making effort to change the world you are in- so that you are comfortable and healthy, you can change the world you live in for the better.

Think about things you want and have to do. How can you perceive from a place of unity with the core essence of the universe in order to make things coincide better with the universal core element to every conceivable thing? If you feel good and happy and have no reservations about your small part in the grand scheme of things, you affect the universe positively. Change your thoughts and beliefs to enhance your core essence and everything will work better. Be true to yourself, because you are going to change anyway.


2 thoughts on “From Air Conditioners to Divine Essence Unity

  1. “It is the speed at which things occur that makes things seem unchangeable.” I had not thought of it that way, but it’s so true! Thank you for this new perspective, it feels like it connected with something inside of me… like it was something I really needed to hear (well, read, lol) at this moment.


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