Some New Angels from Timebush Zazzle

I have been making some art elements to put on Zazzle store products. If you click on the images, you will be taken to the item pages. My sister has been helping me a lot with this process, but today, I took my hand at making some of my own posters.
It is really fun to make the angels and patterns that are going on these products. I have been using Corel Painter 2016- the trial version of the program- which is fully featured. It is amazing and stellar and everything I could ever want from a digital art program. I hope to own a copy of the full program soon enough.
Colorful Angel Poster
Colorful Angel Poster by timebush
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Feel free to look through my full zazzle store when you want to buy some angel or animal art on cool things like posters and tshirts and all sorts of things. I hope to keep going with the zazzle shop for a while because I am having so much fun with it. I really like the progress I have made with that whole deal. My art is better and more suited to the zazzle shopper experience and I am making it way easier than it was before.
It’s also cool because Zazzle is updating their whole site and it just feels so much better there now.