Complex Angelic Intricacies of Corel Painter 2016- A Look at a Very Cool Feature

I have been having so much fun with the new Corel painter 2016, a digital art program for my computer. I love their pattern pen features which have not been this great in previous iterations of painter, from my experience. I can make any picture I want and turn that into a brush which paints the picture I made as a stroke of continuous pictures. So I can make one angel, draw out a bunch of the same angels with my pen, then turn that into another painting with other types of brushwork, which can in turn into a whole other brush.

Here are two examples of what I mean.

Green angel sketch

I made this simple sketch of an angel and turned it into a brush, along with many other sketches and paintings, then I painted this following painting with the various “angel brushes”

angel abstract painting

Here is a closeup of the above painting with the various brushes.

closeup super angel 1

You can see a series of angels from various angel pattern brushes.

One of the multiple angels above, include this following painting,

angel painting detail

So this complicated painting above, was turned into a brush that made up an even more complex image. This can go on and on ad infinitum, making ever more complex paintings within paintings within paintings. The process is super easy with this version of  Painter 2016. I just click a button on the patterns window in the program and whatever is shown on screen in a painting, is turned into a brush.

Below, you can see a detail of the above painting, which includes the very simple sketch at the top of this post.


These brushes are easily scaled up or down according to your preferences on the fly. If it’s a pattern brush, just adjust the brush size from the top menu or use a keyboard shortcut and your image brush is smaller or larger.

You may also notice a pattern of angels in the background. This was achieved with the paint bucket tool. I can take my pattern, click the bucket tool and drop in a pattern of my painting that is a brush, so multiple evenly spaced images will appear at the click of a button. These are also scalable from the pattern window. This is amazing. The potential is incredible for me and I am super impressed with these features. It works seamlessly and effortlessly, even on my much outdated machine.

I was not asked or paid by anyone to do this post, I am just impressed and having a ton of fun. I am using these images in my Zazzle shop, so if you like them, check it out. :

That is all for today. I hope you are having a great time and many angelic blessings upon angelic blessings to you.

Tim Edwin B.