Oracle Card Reading for 8-21-2015 – Minor Healing Oracle

I am pulling some cards from my very own oracle card deck- Minor Healing Oracle (May change name again). The cards are —

Clearing- Refresh- Bless this Mess

Outgoing- External – Extrovert

Output- Manifestations – What You’re Creating




(All images are the same cards)

These cards speak of spring clearing/ cleaning out the house or what’s outside of it. Maybe you have some bushes or weeds that need to be pruned or taken down. They are saying- “what are you waiting for? The time is right to clear out that old weed out there and get to living the high life”. It being summer here and my backyard full of weeds and overgrown lawn, this message definitely speaks to me.

They are saying – “outgoing people are fun to be around, and bring about positive energy, you just need to put out the effort sometimes to meet them halfway. They are really not going to hurt you and mostly just want to get things done. I feel I have to clear out a lot of energy and old thoughts and behaviors and attitudes about the outside world within me. At one point, I was actually fairly outgoing and would go to spend time with friends nearly every day. What has changed? I had been through a major depression and illness and all sorts of mayhem with my parents. They are saying – “Now is the time to clear out all of that old stagnant energy in the home and outer part of it, but especially within your moods and beliefs and behaviors. Just like you cut down the unwanted vines, chop up the attitude that says you don’t need the rest of the world in order to exist and get your work done.”

I feel like it may be the time to call an old friend and ask to spend time with them and just be more willing to allow the world in, even if it is just a small trip to the store now and again. I spend a lot of time indoors and the guides are urging me to get out there when the weather is still warm and nice and fun to be in. I feel a party of sorts for some of you. Maybe an errand turns into meeting an old friend and catching up which will lead to some sort of gettogether with more people. They say-
it’s never too late to get the people you need in your life, even if it’s a hundred years in the making, but don’t spend time dawdling over the experience, or it never will happen. You have every right to be afraid, but most people are very introverted in their own time, you just get to see them when they are in their outer shells and so it confuses you to see where people are being their toughest and you’re feeling you’re weakest. And it’s okay to put on a tough shell to cover any insecurities because the rest of the world does it too. You just don’t know (wipes forehead).

Now is the time to make plans for more time outside too. Maybe next year, you will want to get to a nice vacation spot- don’t be afraid to speak up when given the opportunity tomorrow, because sometimes one year down the road happens today- just be sure to tell them god sent you to do your mission of work in your own time and fun on your own time.

I’m really getting the sense of clearing out old behaviors. That is coming up really strongly. I just happened upon some guided meditations by David Elliot last night. He has a clearing meditation that I listened to last night, and I really- I mean REALLY- felt the energy in that one. Everyone  of his meditations I have tried has been a real help. He does a special form of breathing in his meditations and for some reason, I was helped by it. The energy coming from it was really intense.

Anyhow, that is about all for now. I hope this helped you in some way and I hope to get some more readings up soon.

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I hope you are having a fun summer, or winter wherever you are.

Lots of loving energy your way-

Tim Edwin B.

Check out the oracle card deck used here on the I am working on a digital download booklet to go with the full deck which should be available soon.