The People Still on Screens- Poem for Life

Sometimes words
Are not enough
And often are obscene
What deeper thoughts
I’ve often seen
From maybe Maybelline

The things that seem
They ought to last
Are longer in the scene
But words between it all
Somehow feel obscene

The thoughts
Are things
That often see
Something in unseen

But deeper still
The beliefs I feel
Are trying to be mean
I long to last as long
It seems
As maybe mescaline
But times have come to make me see
The something in serene
The vaster sea of magazines
And tele v morphine

I’ve spent a longer time it seems
In scenes on tele v’s
Than time I’ve seen
In any scene
On real live tv screens

Scenes of people seem
To somehow disappear
They seem to be as
Screams- and pulp on tv
At long at last
They’ve disappeared
Behind the metal screen
But people seem to be obscene
And still a bit mean

I feel them still behind the screens
And somehow deep within
The people still are from the past
And maybe on my screen

When facebook re-appears
My only morphine

I feel at last a longing last
These people
Are on screens

Tim Edwin B.