Reading for The Week of 8-31-15


This week, I was guided to wait until today to get this reading up. I attempted to pull these cards and write the reading that would go with these cards last Wednesday, but the energies just would not allow it. So I waited until now to get the write-up for these cards.

The guides say I was just too wild in the energies that I would not have been able to write it all down in the appropriate loving fashion that these types of readings require. They say I have a sort of history where I will dive in deep and get to the intensities before I am really ready to take them all in. They say I showed much restraint this week and that it helped with the process of the art creation and the writing creation. They say I spent too much time indoors, but it was okay because I was able to take care of the loving animals inside that need the attention that the earth around here just will not tolerate on a fundamental healing level that they need.

My bearded dragons seem to require a lot of time and energy and they need a lot of care. I am getting used to it, and in the past, I just would not have been able to handle all of that and go out and write and make art and do all the other things that life requires and I have been able to do all of those things this time around due to my restraint and patience. They say many lightworkers do this same thing when they open up where they try to dive in too deep and get too much done in a short amount of time. They say to learn by my example because it was not easy for me, even now.

If you are dealing with a mental illness and you are trying to open up to spirit at the same time, it can be very detrimental to your health and wellness if you just dive in without the proper precautions and forethought of a pre-planned and well thought out course of action. That is – don’t dive in too deep without learning to paddle, or in other words without testing the waters to see if what you are diving into is worth the wait. For most times it is just TOO deep for newcomers, especially if you are new to new age like I was. It was a whole other world and one that I was just not prepared to handle, but I made it through more-so with perseverance than with strength and more-so with faith than with patience.

Don’t learn from my example in that situation but take your time if there are some intense energies to deal with. We all go through tough times sometimes and opening your heart chakras at a time of pain and pleasure at the same time can be deadening to any progress you so want to make. It takes time and reassurance of yourself throughout the whole process.

It is not easy to rewrite your whole life in the matter of minutes, but some of you seem capable of it, but it is just not so, for when the energies wrap back around you and karma comes to claim what it owes you, you will not be able to understand why you are back where you started from. It is a building process and one where you should focus on what you already know about life and perhaps enjoy the nice weather while it is here, if it happens to be here.

If something seems too strange for you to comprehend, it is probably for good reason and is not meant for you, especially now; if where you are just does not agree with any sort of forgiveness of the problem. Some people need a problem in order to go about their life in a way to overcome the problem and so learn the lesson the “hard way”. Something that someone else seems to think is real that doesn’t mix with your mindset or concept of life will often meet your head with upset energies or anger-ness that is unwarranted to the uninitiated. If you were to look at life as something that is the building blocks to understanding of all mankind and something that is to be taken in piece by small piece, you will save yourself the effort of any upset energies that just are not needed by you at all.

What this means is you allow a little leeway with other people’s beliefs and before taking them on as your own, you work it into your system of beliefs. Take what seems true for you and what works already for you, but just add that little bit of newness to your old belief style and see if you are not more loving to the whole situation that another is going through.

That is all that I have for now. I hope you have a great week and month and year. I am still growing and learning myself and a lot of the new age stuff out there really seems more detrimental than good, but having a bit of an open mind while still allowing new concepts in to your belief system will make the process worth it. It is like they say – a little at a time makes the whole pie mine.

Thanks for tuning in-

Tim Edwin B.