Reading for 9-1-15

Today’s reading is from my very own oracle card deck- “Minor Healing Oracle

The cards are-

-Connection, Related To
-Process, In Progress, Work It Out, One Step At A Time
-Health, Illness, Vitality, Wellness

A card reading for the day.
A card reading for the day.

This set of cards speaks to the process of healing. It says to me that we are all in the process of healing and feeling better about life and everything in it. Everything we are going through now is focused or connected to the process of healing our lives and bodies.

I am going to make these readings shorter from now on- at least for a while- (you know me, always flip flopping from one decision to the other). I may give longer readings for the month for a while- perhaps starting next month, maybe in a couple of days


Tim Edwin B.