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I am trying to resolve my differences in my beliefs about commercialism and my need for advertising my products. I love the things I make and what they are. I also feel that advertising is, in a form, evil. This is not good for business, particularly if I write poems about greed and commercialism and things like that.

I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t want to sound annoying or over presenting, but I do want to make money and be rich and enjoy the good things in life. I don’t want to be in your face or to fall into the trap of greed and overconsumption.

I like Zazzle because I can put my images on just about anything a person would want an image on, and they only print things once they sell, so there is some sort of environmental consideration. However, they are fairly aggressive in their advertising, which can be frustrating. I know that that is how things are done and that is the way it all works right now, but it is so competitive and in your face for my tastes.

I love my comic book and my oracle cards and I love that they are something that I can sell if possible. I love to be able to bring great things to people to brighten up their days or to help them sort out their lives, but at the same time, how can I feasibly market something that has intrinsic value like that? How do I let people know that my products are meant to be a positive thing for them without falling into the trap of fakery and commercialism and the like?

I haven’t figured that out yet, so let’s just say that like everything- moderation is the best equation. Don’t do too much and make sure you have some fun with it.

I have been trying to get some zazzle products up here every Friday so that you will be able to see some of the great things you can buy to benefit your and my life. I work hard here on the blog and I feel that it has value, (the things I make) but I haven’t been able to settle the fact that I will have to advertise or that I will have to make people notice the things I make or that I will have to put myself out there more and more and more if I want to be a success at this.

I am confused about it and I feel that I need more help from someone, at least to settle the differences in my mind. I know that what I make is important to me and I know there has to be some people out there  who like it, but actually aggressively looking for those someones is tough for me to think of doing.

I read a lot of spiritual authors and I follow a lot of them in email and social media. They all have something to sell- whether it be a class, or a book, or some new videos or meditations. I get advertising things in my email from someone in this business almost every day. I find it a bit annoying. I question whether they just want money to live in an expensive house or if the classes will really help me. In the past, courses that I have taken have benefited me, but the way the internet is, it seems like it should have just been given away on a youtube channel.

One professional card reading class can be anywhere from $200- $800 and that just seems to be a lot to ask for something like that. I know it means being able to have credentials and it means being able to boast or advertise more convincingly, but I would assume that I could figure a lot of it out on my own from books and videos and trial and error. That is one of the reasons I left art school so close to a degree. I got to a point in the artmaking where I figured that I could have done all of what I learned on my own from research and just doing it, without having to pay thousands of dollars for a skill.

I did learn a lot from the classes, but I felt taken in. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to overcharge for things that someone can get for free. Most of what I sell is only giving me pennies or a few dollars here and there. I would love to be in the upper echelon of rich people, but I have to make do. I have to get going. I have to make progress.

When I write poetry, I seem to tap into dark areas- depression and anger and unsettledness about the world. For a long time, I believed art could only be considered exceptional if it expressed the deep longing and pain of a lost soul. I found out that there is more to art than pain. I found out that making something from a perspective of being loving was more valuable to me as an artist because it means I don’t have to feel as horrible while doing it. I don’t have to feel so angry at the world or the people in it in order to express myself. I don’t have to be another tragedy to my desires to be somebody.

Probably the reason advertising is so difficult for me.


Tim Edwin B.

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  1. I completely understand. As artists it’s the #1 issue we have regarding generating income from our art. I kinda despise commercialism and it really does feel like hypocrisy to use advertising on a blog, say for example or to use commercial sites such a zazzle, society6, etc. You’ll find a way, hang tough. I recently turned interest in my art around by posting it as ‘not for sale’ or ‘sold’. You would not believe the response I get!!!! Good fortune to you, Tim and have a great weekend.

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  2. Hi Tim. I have never charged anyone money for my readings, but someone obviously wiser than me told me to remember that we need the exchange of energy that comes from give and take in order to be balanced and healthy. Just giving all the time leaves us feeling drained. This isn’t about feeding the machine – and, for the record, I totally agree that “the machine” needs to go – but rather about putting your work out there and receiving something back after all you gave for its creation. I hope this makes sense. Have a great Sunday!

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    1. Thank you Ali. It’s definitely been tough accepting that. I have heard that before and I agree. I just haven’t gotten the follow through from customers yet. I’m learning still and I have been at this for years. 🙂

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