Tarot Deck Painting Progress




I’ve finally gotten these three cards to the point where I am ready to move on to the next set of three cards.

The ones shown here are ‘the hermit’, ‘the wheel of fortune’ and ‘justice’.

The next set of three to be worked on soon are ‘the hanged man’, ‘death’ and ‘temperance’.

This is getting more fun as I get used to the process and pace of this project. It will probably be at least another year’s worth of work before the final deck is ready.

I want to go over these and the previous cards with colored pencils in order to finely tune the details and color. It is tough to get details with the brushes I own. I think I will get a lot more watercolor painting stage paintings done before starting on the pencils- it’s like one more pass before the scanning and editing.

These card paintings are starting to pile up and I love that.

I keep thinking I may be working on just this project without any other on the side for a long while. There are other projects I really want to get more work done on, but it is nice to have a slower pace rather than forcing and pushing myself to work harder. The vibe is nicer and results in better work in the end. It does take a lot longer though.

Thanks for following along,

Tim Edwin B.