Strangers No One Sees- Walking Street- Poem for the Home At Heart

Slowly walking down the street
There’s a stranger I could meet
Sneaking by on shuffling feet
That’s no way to meet and greet
Do I know them
They’re the stranger no one sees
Who am I to take a seat
There’s a bench there
No one sees
I’ll just sit here patiently
No awards and no deceit
Still they walk here being brief
I’ll just walk here
No one talk here
There’s belief
Should I talk where no one sees
Still I walk here patiently
No one sees me perfectly
Nor do I with stubborn feet
That’s the why I cannot see
We’re all ignoring knowingly
Seems there’s more than I can see
Someone loves where they can’t see
It’s the place where I can’t be
Sitting home with family
That’s the reason no one sees
Stuck in their own thoughts and dreams
Will they love where they can’t see

Tim Edwin B.

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