Updates Coming Soon- Comic Strips – Tarot on Hold

It would really help to know what everyone out there wants to see. It seems like a good amount of you out there like my poetry best, but it is tough to tell. However, I have been thinking of getting back into my comic strips and comic books. I’ve been toying with sketches on the side. The tarot deck will most likely be put on hold again. After a death in the family, trying to work on the death card does not seem fun.

Comic strips take up a lot of time. They are a daily thing and something that I have to keep going back to. I feel bad when I have to stop, because I know I am going to have to stop at some point to work on other things. I like doing them because I get practice for the books I am making and for other projects. Comic strips are sort of freeing because they are each a self contained thing that ends every day. It is fun to finish something daily, but such a commitment. Being accountable to the same thing everyday is not the most fun thing, but it definitely gives me practice in becoming a full time worker again.

I push myself and I know I have to. I find a lot of perseverance is a good thing, but there is a fine line between healthy pushing and overdoing things. Hypo mania becomes a threat at times when doing that pushing stuff. Meditation has been getting more and more clear and intense. I feel so close to heaven at times that I don’t believe I have to take part in this 3d world of ours.

But I want to be sure I am there mentally before tackling any huge project. Maybe Mercury retrograde is having its say with me. I do believe that the planets out there have an effect on people who pay attention. A lot can be explained with these astrological reasonings, but for me, I don’t like all the jargon that goes along with it. I can’t make sense of it when someone says, this planet is conjunct to that other one and this totally different planet is conjunct (?) to this fifth one and rising sign this, moon sign that, in the house of this, and another word that doesn’t make sense is this to that obscure thing over there.

I find intuition should be a gut level thing that a person feels from within, without all the jargon only experienced astrologers would know. For me, all of that just gets in the way of feeling things in the moment. It gets too logical. Anyhow, I digress. I know that there is some effect I get from Mercury retrograde. For me, a lot of the stellar events have noticeable effects on me that seem to correspond with a lot of known facts out there.

The angels seem to be pushing me to get the comic strips worked on. It seems there is a lot of positive things and messages people will get out of them. I am not the most knowledgeable about angels, but I do have a large interest in them, and they say that they can fill me in as I go along with it, which feels daunting to me, but good to know there will be a way if necessary.

Poetry is depressing for me and I mostly only know how to tap into negative emotions with that form of expression. It hurts most times to write a poem and I know I have to face my emotions at some point, but I have to be careful. I just hope to be able to express some of the better things in life. Staying positive is a mindset that is supposed to bring abundance and prosperity and all of those things. I hear from everywhere that the world is what you think of it and I want to think abundantly. There has to be a way to go through these emotions with ease. Meditation is that way for me most days, but there are those other days that I have a difficulty with.

That is where I am with all of that. Tarot deck on hold, comic projects possible. Inktober is supposed to be next month and I want to take part in that. I guess people are still doing that this year. Other than that, there are a bunch of oracle card decks I have started and some children’s books I want to get done. There never seems to be the time to do all that I want to. I often feel like I have to get SOMETHING done now and right now, but my attention span for a project lasts about a month or so when each one takes up to a year or more.

That is all I want to say for now. I hope this made sense to you.


Tim Edwin B.


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