Tentative Schedule for Timebush.com

This is a tentative schedule of what to expect on this blog in the coming months. I am not sticking to this 100%, but this is where I am headed right now.

October- (inktober) Ink sketches and work on the graphic novel “The Meditation”

November-December- Work on the various oracles and tarot decks I have started

January-March- Possible return of “Angel Messages of Light” comic strips

April- NaPoWriMo- (National Poetry Writing Month) Poems every day for a month

May- Rest and Reevaluate

June-September- Uncertain/ Finishing already started projects

October 2016- Inktober returns

I have recently added all of the already finished “Angel Messages Of Light” comic strips to the comic strip page. I have also updated two of my oracle cards on the game crafter. Click on the home page at http://www.timebush.com


Tim Edwin B.