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Angel Messages Of Light

I guess I am back to making ‘Angel Messages of Light’ comic strips every day. It is weird to think I am right back to where I started. The creative process is not often a linear path, but one that seems to bend and turn and plead for the project that wants to get done most.

In meditation and tuning in, the angels and guides are really pushing me to get these strips worked on and committed to. Who am I to complain with Divine guidance? Even though I did for so long fight the fact that I am someone who makes these sorts of things.

I never thought I would have any interest in angels at all. Angels were something my mother collected statues and paintings of, not something that was to be believed as real.


However it happened, I ended up on this path by following my heart and it led me to this project that I have trouble sticking to. It does seem to be important at least to a few people. I come down to reality now and again and take in the fact that fame is un-defineable and I am better off focusing on being satisfied with what I have and affecting people more on a small scale kind of way. I find it hard to believe that, small as it may seem to some,  so many people are following this blog and every post gets delivered to so many avenues.

I don’t know what to think of that, because I might as well be on a lost island somewhere where there are no signs of people of any sort; even though I am pretty much in the middle of a lot of them. The angels speak to me and bring me packets of thought and energy to help get me on target and on the path that will help the most people.


There seems many energetic ‘downloads’ coming to me and it is fairly unexplainable to most who have no interest in psychic phenomenon. It is incredible at times to feel the types of things I think I feel. I wish everyone were able to feel as deeply these ‘angelic downloads’ that I get.

That statement alone should be enough to put me in a hospital in some people’s eyes, but it really is not insanity to believe these things. Angels, spirits, beings of light, and other dimensions and all sorts of things that people “know” of but don’t believe are all concepts that one has to come to on their own terms. Everyone has their own opinion on these things and believers are gaining popularity every day.

Seasoned Skills

The comic strips are getting easier to produce and make because I know all the things that are necessary to get them right and I have more experience than previously. I know now that I can probably get a few- four or five- inked and ready in about a day or two, which leaves me time to work on my other projects on the side.

I want to get some more practice giving readings as well- as I really don’t consider myself an expert at it. But I do like it and I like to learn about it. So far, my best readings were for myself when no one is looking. I have to find some more people to practice on. I don’t know that it is a good idea to post in front of 1000 or more people readings that I am not too sure about.

I do intend to have readings as a recurring feature on this blog at some point in the future.

Website Maintenance

I have added and removed and moved some of the pages around on this site. I redirected the links to a few things and added some icons on the comics page. Everything seems to look and work better now- maybe more so on some computers, but less so on others. I wish there was a universal blog theme that could take care of everything on every computer and function 100% according to my intentions, but alas, there is none to my knowledge.

I renewed the domain for this site for another 3 years so I guess this is what I will be doing for a while now. I let a couple of the other sites I started go to domain heaven where I will no longer be using them. I tried multiple blogs, multiple websites and multiple focuses, but the way my brain prefers things makes me stick to one site for now. I couldn’t keep track of this site and another and whatever else because trying to meet demand got to me.

Multiple Focuses

I still use social media. I have a facebook account, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and probably a few others. It gets hectic to go from one place to the next and I usually stick to my personal facebook page most times. The addictive qualities of social media make me want to slow down with it all and get away from a screen every now and again, so I’m sorry if you try to get ahold of me and I am not right there right away.

Going back and forth from one idea and one project to another is stressful but I feel it improves adaptability and resourcefulness and helps with brain function when addressed with adequate self care.

Healthy Food

I have been trying to eat healthier and learn how to cook better. I have been using Hello Fresh (a recurring weekly meal plan with new recipes every week and ingredients delivered to your door) here and there. I cannot get their deliveries every week, though I would love to be able to. Their meals are delicious and learning to cook new things makes me realize how much else is out there rather than the same old things.

For so long, I would make simple things like hot dogs, or spaghetti, or some other such thing you’d heat up in the microwave. At least with this, I am able to learn the right way to do things without having to go all the way to a cooking class and things like that. I feel better about myself because I am taking better care to eat fresh and local ingredients that are healthy. I even get their vegetarian kits because every time I tried to go vegetarian in the past, I didn’t know how to cook or shop for it.


I feel I know what to do more and more with life and my work. Blogging has taught me that there are people out there who care about what I do and who have an interest in me as a person. It feels good to see all the likes and comments and new followers every day. It feels good to ‘fit in’, even if it is only on a screen for now. I guess the next step is me getting out of the house and out to a more pleasing atmosphere more often.
Anyhow, just thought you’d like to know I am getting back into Angel Messages of Light way sooner than I had anticipated and that I will slow back on the other projects, but still work on them on the side. I am going to be posting only comic strips on this facebook page dedicated to them while continuing to post here.

Disclaimer- I am in no way paid or asked to write this post.

Tim Edwin B.

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  1. I might look into this Hello Fresh. It is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for. As I have no car, the delivery would be useful. I never know how to shop for recipes in stores. So I eat Spaghetti half the time.

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  2. There are a bunch of different places doing this now. Blue Apron is one I looked into as well as a host of others. I like Hello Fresh because it was the first one I tried. I didn’t try any others. And the food is good and easy enough to cook. For a two person meal, (there are three in every box)I have enough for myself for several eatings per meal.


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