Non-Committal Commitment- Art Making

After working on comic strips for two weeks with little else posting, I discovered two things-

1- I am unable to focus on only one thing for very long at all.
2- I have too many other projects to work on, to stick to just comic strips.

It would be nice to say I trust so much in this one project that it would take me away from everything else. I would love to be able to immerse myself fully into one thing and have that be all I think about and work on.

I know that my attention span will not hold out on the comic strips for very long and I know that all of my other projects will call out to me to get worked on. So therefore, I cannot work on a daily comic strip. The angels seem to try to tell me that this is more of a long-term project that is more in line with a scope of 10-20 years and they seem to say that even if I spend 10 years working on other things, there is still the possibility for this comic strip project to come back into the picture and be worked on later.

That has been a consistent message I have gotten about this project when meditating for several weeks- even if the project is put on hold for a long long time, it is almost destined to happen at some point. I like that. I can commit without a commitment now.
I keep not being able to plan anything. I go one way, then get pulled another. One pan calls to me, then the pot over there. It is like cooking and timing six different meals at once and I don’t want to burn out on one or let another get too cold, but at some point, I have to dig in and eat and put the cooking aside.

I want to get an ink drawing every day for inktober, but it will not all be comic strips. I don’t even know if anyone even likes these things. I feel like I might just be the only person on Earth that has an interest in these things.

As far as my oracles and tarot decks- I have been guided to give once weekly readings starting soon, most likely on Fridays. I have had many doubts about my abilities and my skills at giving readings but they say it is time. I have been at it for a long while and I have to give myself more credit for going down this path. I have put out the effort and the studying and practicing in making my card decks and now I have to learn how to use them and put the pedal to the metal of this car(d) I made.

I apologize if it has been difficult to follow this blog- my changing plans and blog themes and topics and subjects over and over must be somewhat confusing for some of you. I don’t know what it is, but I seem to lose focus and not want to be bogged down with just one thing for too long. Maybe it is because I am a man and have a hard time committing. Maybe it is just because I have no one to direct me and no one to relay information off of, but I know this is where I am with it.

I don’t know what else to say, but thanks for the consistent followers and patreon support that I have received from at least one person. I see the likes every day from the followers here and I do appreciate every one, even if I don’t have the time to properly thank you all and show just how much it means to see the likes every day and the comments here and there. It is nice to know someone out there has read the random thoughts and ideas I have. I may not be the best artist, or the best writer, or the best creator, but it means a lot that someone out there has seen what I have made or written. Thank you.

Tim Edwin B.