Longingly- Poem For The One For Me

The perfect picture presently
Sitting here so longingly
The picture perfect I dare to see
Seems to be more longingly
Loving someone else it seems
Has been a dream I long to be
But no one owes me anything
The one who sits here longingly

And so it goes or so it seems
No one adores me longing things
Wanted weeping no one thinks
Better to be single-y
So here I sit so lovingly
Wanting something never seen
No one adores the single thing
Just a word or so it seems

And still I sit here wanting things
And still it goes more dreamingly
Meditate more integrally
And win the love I long to see
But still it takes a dream belief
And still it seems a bit too brief
But heaven knows I’m everything
A little more like heaven be
Just the thing a lover needs

Tim Edwin B.