Angel Reading and Life Update

Life takes its turns and changes. As one day turns into another, one season changes as well.

I have sold all but one of my bearded dragons to a pet store not too far away. It feels good to have that weight off of my shoulders. I no longer have to pay $20 at a time for bugs to feed 14 lizards. I now only have four- The two that started the clutches and one adult that is separate plus the solitary baby. I only kept one baby that I thought was the pick of the litter. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Friendly. And Healthy.

I feel good knowing that they went to a good shop that seems reputable. I got some cash and some crickets for the remaining lizards. Bearded dragons are fun to own and pet and take care of. I have been taking care of reptiles since I was young. I had two blue tongue skinks, a bevy of anoles and a leopard gecko and probably others that were in my care. Lizards are fun and have their own energy that no other animal has.

Sometimes I wonder about the pet trade- is it fair to take these wild animals from their homes and turn them into our entertainment. Probably a big no on that one. But they have been turned into animals that may or may not be able to survive on their own in the wild. Bearded dragons are so prevalent it seems that there are countless varieties- similar to the varied types of cats and dogs. I grew up taking care of lizards and I am used to it, but perhaps some of you may disagree with the whole thing.

In the end, it is good to have a friend and companion to spend time with, even if it is one that is in a cage. I feel like they are friends and companions now and I think the majority of the bearded dragon pet trade is all taken part now by breeders without taking from the natural habitat that these majestic animals are originally from.

I want to switch gears now and talk about the projects on this blog. I am going to focus in on just comic strips for a while now. It seems the most fun and the easiest way to get something new out every day. I still get stage fright about it and I still feel nervous putting something like this out there, but I feel it helps people and is encouraging and it helps me to get a better understanding of how heaven and the angels work. That is the name of the game for us lightworkers -if you want to call people like me that phrase- we supposedly have to change the world for the better and uplift people to higher states of thought. A big job and one not to be taken lightly.

I wonder about that thought- that we as spiritual beings are sent here to change the world for the better. Is that really why we are here? I don’t know. Does it mean that everyone should help the world? Does it mean that some people are somehow “special” to try to take this on? Is there really some pre-birth planning that goes on where “we” all choose to change the world? Or is it some sort of a draw to keep us aiming for something and to feel better about the world? I think there is a lot to it, but I think just about everyone wants to make the world better at least for themselves. Maybe there is not as much a distinction as some people think.

I want to pull some cards now. I shuffled and out popped this card-


This tells me that perhaps we are all facing minor issues. Maybe we think there is some major calamity, but in reality our issues are only small- as much as they may seem to be huge to us. It reminds me of when a child throws a tantrum over something as simple as not getting a small piece of candy. That child thinks it is the end of the world and that the world is all against her and nothing ever works out for her, but in reality, it is a minor thing. Still bothersome, but after all, insignificant. Where in your life are you making a simple problem into a huge deal?

I pulled four more cards from my oracle card deck- Minor Healing Oracle.


The cards are pointing to nature as a way to inspire us to get over our minor annoyances. A good way to get into a good mood is to spend time in a natural setting or perhaps take a car ride through a nice and wooded area just to soak in all the goodness out there. It will make you feel healthier and allay any fears or difficulties and put things into perspective for you. Being in nature will help you dissolve any of the minor annoyances you may be experiencing. They are giving me the image of problems melting away and you coming to the realization that all those “major” problems really don’t matter in the long run.

The cards also point towards looking forward and planning your future. With a good plan, any thing you have to deal with will go along smoothly and work out for the best. Now is a good time to get away from things and focus on what you truly want in life. It feels like we are all realizing that yeah, we have had our issues and yeah it is time to move ahead and start something new.

This is reflected in the final card I pulled from my card deck.


Now is the time to start something new and if that means a new chapter in your life, then by all means go forward with your plans- they are well thought out and perfect for what you want. It may seem it is ‘too good to be true’ or that you are not truly ready yet, but that is just more of the minor worries you may have been carrying. Now is the time to think big, but still be down to earth and grounded.

Get some clarity about your life and life mission and clear away any doubts or worries that have been stopping you. It also feels like we have to take a small break here and there to be able to clear away even more negativity. Now would be a good time to journal and clear your head by meditating. Again it is the same thing- I am getting that you may not want to journal or you may not want to meditate or get out in nature, but it is just more of those minor worries and fears that truly are small when viewed from a higher angle. I am again getting the sense that getting away from whatever you are used to will help to “frame” things into a better picture. I feel some of you may miss an opportunity if you don’t get away before committing too heavily on one thing. Changing gears is necessary from time to time and if any major changes are going on in your life. it would be best to get your head on straight about it and make sure you are moving ahead from a clear headed state of mind.

That is all for this reading. I do hope to get one up every Friday from now on. I will get some more comic strips up when I can. I only have three boards left and it will take me a while to get some more. Please think about supporting me on patreon if at all possible. It will help me to be able to afford more art supplies so I can keep putting more posts up here.