Reading for 11/6/15

Today, I am pulling cards from my very own oracle card deck, “Relatables Oracle” available at


Relationships with family are particularly important at this time. That is the reason I was guided to pull from this oracle card deck. It seems our feelings are a trouble spot here and if we all focus on the fact that we love our families, especially the family members closest to us, we will be able to overcome any frustrations or disappointments, especially as it relates to the grand scale of things. If your home life is in order, you will be better able to handle the big issues that face us all.


It also seems that there was a major disappointment lately that upset the peace that may have been present in your home life. Maybe someone lost a job or money isn’t coming in that was supposed to, or perhaps someone let you down and may have for a while. The guides are saying that it is important at this time to focus on all the things you want, no matter how small, in order to bring about the peace that you want for all.

I feel you may see someone as bull-headed or just a major frustration in your life. Recognize the fact that we all have our own points of view and our own way of seeing things. Someone may not agree with you, or you with them, but the important thing is to focus on “how can I love” “how can I bring love to this situation” “what is it that I do like about this person”. In this way, maybe you can allow the other person time to be themselves while you focus on things that make you feel positive.

It is a sad fact that we all face misunderstandings with people in our lives. Where can you take the time to look at others as sources of the same thing you are, only different?

If you are disappointed in someone, focus on any successes in the work place or personal projects to overcome any ill will that you may have for others in your life. If someone seems to be disappointed in you, perhaps they see your career success or progress as a thorn in their side because they don’t feel they can live up to your progress. Perhaps you are disappointed that you are not having success in your career, and so are disappointed in yourself. In any case, there is some sort of unease about someone’s career success while someone else is not doing so great.

The main theme in this reading is to send love to anyone or any difficulty that may have upset your peace at home or in your work life. I feel like you may be bringing frustration to your situation either because things did not work out the way you wanted them to, or because someone else is triggering you. The guides say that any difficulty faced now is best overcome with feelings of love even if it seems difficult to love someone, because, for sure, others have a way of getting on our nerves.

Maybe you are upset over a recent large scale event (like your favorite sports team losing) or some sort of disaster that has occurred. Know that you are not to blame, no one is to blame (generally speaking) and that any hardship faced now is meant to be overcome from a backed off position. In other words, step back from any pain or fear and see the deeper meaning for it, even if it is that you realize that other people have difficulty with things in their lives too.


If it is just the fact that your favorite team lost, focus on the knowledge that other people you may know are also grieving. If it is a large scale event like an emergency, realize that others may have it a lot worse than you do, even if what you are going through feels like the worst thing ever. In this way, you can look at any problems at home as minor and fleeting and as something that can be easily overcome just by simply recognizing that the world is a lot different than your smaller problems. If you are caught in the crossfire of one of the major calamities of the world, realize that the people who are attacking or causing pain, are themselves in a great deal of anger and pain and don’t know how to be loving as you may be.

The guides are really emphasizing the fact that making your life work better helps the whole. So if you are worried about attacks or feel depressed from wars etc, the best way to stop warring and fighting on a large scale is to make peace with the people in your immediate life so as to inspire others to be peaceful in theirs which creates a chain of people making their lives more peaceful.

You are being asked to “let things go” that may have bothered you for years, or weeks, or even days or hours. Come to terms with how you are only a small blip on a big huge radar, and so just forgiving someone in your life, even if you disagreed for a long time will at least make you feel better, which is all you really can control anyhow.

That ends this reading. I pray it has helped you in some way.

Thanks for following along,

Tim Edwin B.