Site And Life Update- Projects and House care 11/15

I feel bad for not posting a reading yesterday, but something just felt off and I was uber busy straightening up a room in the house. Yes- the clearing and cleaning continues. The basement is starting to get to a point where I feel halfway good about. There will be years- it seems- before it is top notch.

Anyhow, I was too busy to work on a reading yesterday. I will wait until next Friday, most likely, for the next one. I know- I am really sporadic in my posting and networking. I can only do so much and I am only one wee person.

I have been working on another oracle card deck in the meantime. It is one that I feel will lead to very accurate readings. I keep going back and forth from one project to the next while trying to get a new comic strip up every day. The comic strips are coming way easier now and I am happy about that. I can get about two comic strips done in a matter of an hour or so and that leaves me with enough time to work on house chores or other projects.

I am not posting progress pics of the oracle I am working on and probably won’t until it is done. I like the mystique of it for now. I want to get it done as soon as possible, but I deal with apprehension and procrastination. That and I am busy making the house more accommodating to peaceful energies.

The room I am clearing now is more or less a big closet that has stored all manner of knicks and knacks and clothing. I hope to make it so the only stuff in there belongs to my mother. She complains from time to time of not having a space all her own. That room has been overcrowded with things for years and it feels good to clear some more space in the house. A lot of the stuff will go in the basement that has recently been cleared out and straightened up.

One thing leads to another and one step before the next seems to be the play here. It feels good to make progress even if it is only seemingly small steps. I am selling some things on ebay and amazon in order to declutter and have enough to eat. It’s not the most ideal thing to have to do to survive, but it is a great way to release years of excess baggage.

Here is a list all the projects I am working on now–

-Small oracle 1

-Small oracle 2

-Small oracle 3

-Large oracle 1

-Large oracle 2

-First oracle I started a long while ago

-Abstract oracle

-Fine tuning already finished oracles

-Tarot deck

-Comic strip

-Comic book- ‘The Meditation”

-House maintenance


That is a lot on my plate and I didn’t realize until now just how many things I have started. My focus at the moment is on one of the smaller oracles and the comic strips. But tomorrow- who knows?

It feels good to have a goal. It feels good to have something to work towards, but putting too much stress on myself is not a good thing. That’s why I am only going to focus in on one or two things at a time. While this may seem a bad plan, it is best for me to take care of myself first sometimes.

I like variety and I like to change things up and that is one of the reasons I have so many started projects. I was planning on getting the comic book already mentioned done by the end of the year, but that is just not going to happen. We will see when it will be done, but it is just not ready yet.

I wasn’t planning on getting this many comic strips done and posted. I felt I was just going to focus on one of my other projects, but the strips seem to have taken over. That’s not a bad thing, because they are easy enough for me to do now, I just thought I would have changed focus. It’s difficult to tell what people like, but it interests me and I feel that art creation is one of the best ways to learn a new skill. It is the old adage that a teacher learns as he/she teaches their classroom.

GOOD NEWS- My first comic book, “Angel Messages of Light: On Who We Are- Volume 1, was recently approved for the comic book app and website, Comixology. Comixology is the premiere place to buy digital comics from what I gather. I have been using it since the second generation ipad came out, several years ago. It feels good to join the most impressive crowd of already established, and self published beginners that are a part of that incredible app. I am not sure when it will be available for purchase, but I hope it will be up there soon.

I plan on making “The Meditation”- a comic book I have posted about many times, a sequel to the now approved “Angel Messages Of Light” comic book. “The Meditation” takes the reader on a magical voyage through the form of  a meditation and spiritual journey. It is about halfway done and is a much longer book than Volume 1.

Sorry if I have been a bit wordy, but I like to get as much information out as possible in these updates. I seem to get a new update every other week or so and I do enjoy them. They help me think.


Tim Edwin B.