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I am worn out today. I tend to get that way a lot. I don’t want to post anything at all for a month, so I will most likely take a day or two off. The energies are intense today and I feel like I am making headway way too slowly.

I got some writing done today for a possible book at some point. It was almost like the beginning of a college paper that may turn into a book or some sort of freebie.

My head is spinning a bit here and there and I don’t like that. I get dizzy at times most likely from my medicine. It’s a tough thing to deal with, especially when I really do want to get to work.

Maybe I will putz around later today or tonight and get another comic strip ready for tomorrow, but I feel what the collective is probably feeling- the need to rest for the weekend.

Yesterday, I got the panels for the remainder of my next comic book drawn and laid out and ready to fill with penciling. The writing is done and the ideas are there, I just have to fill it all in, and that takes time. There are about 40 pages for now with the possibility of adding a few more. About 3/5 are already finished and ready to scan in.

My first finished comic book was approved for the Comixology app about a week ago, but will not be ready to purchase for another few weeks. There are so many submissions and their teams are so busy that it takes a long time to go through the submission process. This was submitted at the beginning of the year and is still not ready and out there on Comixology.

You can see the link on the sidebar of the blog to purchase from Amazon. I was not happy with Amazon’s comic book section on their e-book store. It seemed full of smut and dirty books and there was not a selection. Not the thing needed for a spiritual comic book to make headway. Given that Amazon owns Comixology and they are partners, I would think there would be a better built in system on the main site.

I complained to Amazon about the way that category is filled with dirty books and they said they take complaints like that seriously. I think it is not right that someone who is looking for a normal comic book gets bombarded with smut. I feel like there should be a separate adult book section specifically just for adults. The tech world has a lot of controversy about what certain companies will and will not allow in their stores. I think there is a time and place for everything, but would prefer the comics section to be less explicit.

Rant over.

If you feel like supporting me and my work, please think of donating on Patreon or purchasing some items from my Zazzle shop or one of my oracle card decks. I could really use some more help.


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    1. Thanks Kerry. I keep myself fairly busy even though it is difficult to focus at times and sometimes I have to force myself to get things done.The comic should be available elsewhere soon and I am thinking of trying more places soon.

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