Reading for 11/22- 11/29


Here is your reading for the weekend and coming week. I waited until today to get the reading up because the energies didn’t feel ready. I am using my very own self published oracle card deck- “Minor Healing Oracle”

First card up was a jumper. It is the “Youth/vigor/vitality” card and it is showing that right now, you may have a lot of health and energy or your health and energy feels clearer than it has in a while.

Perhaps you are yearning for youthful good times that you have had in the past. I just had a great day yesterday and I feel younger than I have in a while. I feel healthy for the most part, but there still seems to be some aspects of aging that I have to deal with. My body is growing and changing as the years go by and I am realizing that it takes some practice to feel young and healthy sometimes. It may not always be something we feel we have control over, but we can definitely at least have some fun in our lives in order to feel able to deal with the difficulties that are in front of us. It is no use deliberating over old events and old attitudes if they are not good for us. It would be best to focus on the positive events and energies from your youth and past when you felt full of energy and life and vigor.

Right now, it is getting colder as winter makes its way next month. The cards are showing in the top row that it is the end of the hot months where I live, and perhaps the cold months where you may be. This past season may have involved lots of research or reading or writing- preparing for this season. They want to show that the end of the year is a time of harvesting and it is the end of a cycle. At the beginning of the year, we plan ahead, the middle, we implement our plans and at the end, we look back over where we have been and all that has gone on in the previous months.

They really want me to talk about the book project I am launching because I don’t talk enough about it. I can use it as an example of what I am dealing with and see if it helps you. I am starting, or rather working through several books at a time, but I think the guides are getting at the fact that a book is a long process that takes time to work on. It may seem like it will never be what you want it to be, or that it will never be as good as the professional so and so over there.

I am writing and creating a children’s book that I have been toying with for a few years now. It started as an idea. I did a few sketches, and then it was done for about 6-8 months before I was able to return to it. I felt at the time I got the idea that it was going to be an amazing thing at some point. But when I worked on it, it didn’t come out that great and so I walked away to work on something else, thinking that it was a waste of time.

Eventually I got back around to this children’s book that I am now working on again for the third time. But the point is the second time I got back to it, I was full of ideas and optimism and realized there was a lot more to the idea than I thought way back when I first started on it. I was able to come up with a bunch of characters and ideas and I surprised myself in what I was able to come up with. So the ideas percolate below the surface and even though I had essentially given up on the idea and thought it was useless, because I had the vision and the determination, the angels or spirit, or whatever gods are there to support children’s books, decided to input all sorts of data and information that would be easily accessed the next time I was ready to work on it.

That is the way things work- you have the vision and idea and it may not pan out at first, but because you were dedicated and serious about it, the ideas will come to you even though you don’t know it and then all of a sudden, it will work.

The guides are saying that some of you may have started writing projects or other projects in the beginning or middle of the year and they may have been percolating below the surface, waiting for the right time to pop up and fill you with the joy of their creation.

Sometimes the weather can be a block to a good idea and sometimes you need a break from the troubles in order to have enough time and experience to be able to get the job done. You also have to have the right timing and the timing is right now to finish the writing project you started some months ago in the cold. It is the cycle of things and the wave of things that cause us to bounce back to where we started, only with more experience than before. It is like the cold from last year/season has jolted back into existence with this cycling of weather. (replace with the season you are in if this doesn’t affect you)

They also say the food you eat can be a trigger for a memory or inspiration that may have come at a time where you were eating something similar to now. For instance, Turkey and stuffing here in the U.S is eaten on thanksgiving and it is this time of year that people are thankful and getting together with people. So say you had turkey last year while working on an idea. This year, when you have the turkey perhaps the idea will spark back into your mind and spur you on.

This coming week, if you are in the U.S, or elsewhere, you may be having a conversation with someone you have not spoken with since last year, or a topic might come up that sparks the memory of a project nearly forgotten. They are saying- “Do not drop the ball this time. You have to get back to work with the best of them and let your light shine. It is not in the best interests of anyone to let your dreams fade into nothingness when you have a great project to give to the world. The world is full of people who need your work and projects and if you do not give them to yourself, even you will not know what they are or could have been.

You actually have to live and read through the experience in order to know whether what you want to make is good or not. It is not an easy process to get from idea to page to completion. It does not happen overnight. And even though it looks like some of us can come through overnight, it was really years of hard trial and error that got the job done to the point of being able to produce overnight.

Nothing big happens overnight. It is the gradual build up to greatness that is really great and most of you entrepreneurs and engineers and builders and crafters don’t get to see all the trial and errors of the big famous people in your brains that you admire. It’s as if you see a finished product and think- “I can make that” and then when you go to do it, it takes forever and you find you can’t do it right away and then give up. I gotta tell you when I made the beginnings of my comic book and comic strip, I was not happy at all and frustrated to no end and thought I would never get it done or to a reasonable place I would feel good about. And because I kept going at it and practicing and creating, eventually I was able to make a finished product. And I still want to keep fine tuning and learn and grow.

But the main takeaway here is that that big idea you had last year at this time and place is coming back around and now is the time to strike while the iron is hot and ready for the picking.

So, get to work and spend some time alone if you have to to get that project done and worked on. You’re the only person who can make your dreams come true. Then you can take some time off next year when your next BIG project will take hold. Lol.. Keep going and don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. And be open to some alterations. I thought my book was going to be one way. I had the idea so stuck in my head that my project had to be totally different and edgy; and when it finally started to come together and work, it was totally different than my first inspiration, but it worked BETTER than before; even if it seemed the obvious route or idea. Sometimes the obvious is more different than you think.

Also try to eat better this year. You don’t have to stuff your face every chance you get and you may even save a trip to the doctor if you go easy on the diet. I know. I know. Try to say diet when everyone is eating and binging on things like crazy. But if you are able to set up a routine at the toughest of times you are able to stick to it when it is easy. If you are already “eating healthy” take a pat on the back because not all of us can do that.

Have a happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating this week and have a good work on your project if that is you. If it is not a “project” that is coming back around, it is an energy or event that needed to come full term by now.

Thanks for reading this reading.

Tim Edwin B.