Diana Cooper Meditations and Andrew Brel

So you want to learn more about angels?

There are all kinds of angel experts out there and there is a ton of confusing information abound. I have searched through a large majority of a lot of it.

You may have already come across Hay House and their trove of spiritual authors, headed by Louise Hay who wrote her first book well into adulthood *(I’m not certain when) and later grew her business to serve millions upon millions of seekers.

One writer I have enjoyed is Diana Cooper. Now, I have not read a ton of her books, and there are a lot of controversial and confusing concepts to grasp a hold of and “let” yourself believe- (let’s face it- this new age stuff is usually mocked and denigrated) – but I do enjoy her meditations.

I have found that much more than book knowledge, the actual experience of angel communication one on one is the basis of what this whole deal is about. Now, most of us are not very clairaudient, clairvoyant, or clair anything, but there is a way to develop these skills.

Meditation is one way and the best way I have found to develop any sort of practice in the psychic field. If you were a pogo stick jumper, meditation would be your pogo stick if angel communication was analogous to pogo stick jumping.

Stick jumping aside, meditation will be the tool to calm you down and let you connect in a way that is meaningful. You might be surprised how easy this can be with the right tools. Guided meditations are what work best for me. Having something to follow along with and pop on a track on my tablet makes it something I can easily enjoy.

There are so many meditations to choose from and from so many people, it really gets confusing. So I will try and ease your search a bit and clue you in to Diana Cooper’s meditations.

I have taken to meditation for several hours every day (seemingly too long sometimes). This is a real routine for me. Every night, not too late in the evening, I will set up my tablet to connect to spotify (I subscribe so as to avoid ads) or youtube, or some other download and relax and get absorbed into another realm of existence. I am very visual in my dreamlike meditative states.

So one day, I came across Diana Cooper by searching about angels on Spotify. I did some more research into who she was and read a few of her books. Somehow she makes the almost ridiculous seem believable- (more so in the meditations than the books, but the books are growing on me). Her Cd’s are about an hour long each and go into some detailed information about the various archangels and other spiritual topics like Atlantis and Karma Releasing.

Spotify happens to have 14 of her cd’s on their service so I keep pretty busy with just Diana’s work some days. The more I listen to them, the more I learn and the more experience I gain with connecting to angels.

If you want to speak to heaven, you HAVE to develop a level of experience where you are able to feel good about these concepts and the world at large. Not only that, but you are going to want to have the right information from the right source. Now, nobody agrees 100% with this stuff because the angels will make themselves known to you on your own terms. If you believe an angel looks a certain way, they may show up just like that or something similar to get your attention. It’s a case by case basis, so you’re going to have to come to some of your own conclusions when dealing with this work.

It doesn’t stop with Diana Cooper here. After listening to her Cd’s on Spotify, I became really entranced by the music on the cd’s. Andrew Brel is the artist who made the music on all of the cd’s I believe. I searched on Spotify for the musician and I am really enjoying the experience of just the sound from the cd’s. The music is very relaxing, enjoyable and the artist even has some songs with lyrics that can be really honest and true in a human sense.

Anyhow, I wanted to share this information because it has really helped me very much. Diana Cooper may not work for everyone and I appreciate that, but it has helped me a great deal and now the musician’s work has helped as well. So if you are not really keen on Diana’s work, or meditation in general, perhaps just knowing there is some really high vibrational music that is extremely relaxing can help. I will at times put the music on and listen to it while making artwork. You can imagine making sensitive art while listening to gentle music enhances the overall relaxing effect that making art can have. Talk about meditation!

That’s about all I wanted to say. I hope this helps some. If you are following along on this blog, a part of my focus is on spirit and spirit communication so hopefully this is an area of your interest for you as well.

Tim Edwin B.

Disclaimer- I was not asked by anyone or paid by anyone to write this, it’s just something that has really helped me a great deal so check this stuff out and see if it resonates with you. I am a big fan.