Spiritual Pursuits Don’t Have To Lead To Total Change In Interests

My life’s work is more than just heaven and angels.


I’m learning important things now. I am realizing that my life’s work is more than just angels and heaven. My life’s work is what is important to me.

Just because I am on a spiritual path, doesn’t mean that is all there is to me, nor does it negate all that went on before it.

I was thinking in order to be a good spiritual person, I would have to devote my work and life solely to spiritual pursuits.

That is not how it works.

Interest and skill in a subject should not be thrown away in favor of something more “holy”. That would mean that who I was before committing to spirituality was not worthy, and according to the angels, everyone is worthy from where they are, otherwise they wouldn’t be here.

I have been using more of my skills in abstraction and storytelling in other projects completely unrelated in every way to angels, but I am feeling more and more a connection to my soul from doing this work that I love. That is almost more meaningful to me than heavenly topics. My personal interests are seeming more in line with my soul than the religious/spiritual topics I have been working on for a while.

I have been thinking what it means when someone jumps to a new level of consciousness, belief and faith. There has been some upset caused by this sort of thing in my family in the past. What is it about a connection to spirit that causes people to totally wipe the slate clean and attempt to devote all their lives solely to faith? Heaven does not want you to give up on your dreams and goals from prior to your connection to them, otherwise, you would not have the connection to them in the first place.

Where a person comes from before connecting with heaven is the holy place that led to the connection in the first place. A person cannot ignore where they came from totally unless there is some divine reason that goes beyond human understanding (tragic memory loss or walk-in souls etc).

If my life path for so long was to make abstract art like mine was, then there is a reason for that. I don’t have to completely rearrange my whole project lineup just to focus on what is called “higher consciousness” projects. If that were the case, then my work would not have led to heaven in the first place, nor reach the amount of people that could be reached from “traditional” or “original” projects.

Heaven wants you to do the work you love to do and enjoy doing with every breath you take.

My interests are there for a reason and that is a part of my soul trying to express itself. Just because it seems “weird” or “unusual” doesn’t mean that it is meaningless. It has merit. It has value and there is more on earth and heaven than religion or spirituality.

The divine encompasses all projects, minuscule, small, bizarre, strange, normal, all of it. Everything is heaven and holy in some way. The most derogatory thing in the world, though awful and upsetting, has a purpose. This same idea can be applied to people- just because someone seems “evil” does not mean they are not supplying the universe with some value. There is a reason for everything that exists.

While on the spiritual path, one comes to the realization that the world’s most evil people are serving a purpose in some way, even though it is upsetting and troubling and difficult; we learn from difficulties. Lessons and ideals change from knowing how bad things can be. The world comes up with new ways to compensate for mistakes. Massive change often comes from massive upset. This is not an excuse for unmentionable acts or activities, but there is a reason for everything when viewed from a higher level.

Whatever you are doing now, do the best job you can, but don’t ignore your inner callings in order to try to do something “heaven wants you to” if it means you have to give up part of who you truly are. 

I don’t know how to tell you who you are and what is right for you, I am just coming from the place where I almost gave up a large part of my work in order to “appease heaven” or make up for mistakes in some way. It is like the realization that there is good and love and light everywhere and freely available makes a person want to only experience what is deemed “positive,” when in reality, all of it already is positive. Sensitivities go through the roof when a person opens up spiritually and then they try to overcompensate and run away from everything “evil” and “bad” when in reality it only pushes and segregates. It is much better to work on incorporating and healing from within.

I would say not to separate everything into the two camps “good” and “bad.” The idea of spirituality in the first place is to integrate everything and bring equality to all. Separating my work into two compartments, rather than celebrating who I was and all that I was capable of, left me split and shattered in many ways. I fought against my higher calling to try to follow the “holy topics” of what I thought was a higher calling. I will still work with heaven and that is a fact, but there is no reason that I can’t work on the projects that had meant so much to me before a spiritual connection. I am who I am and that is a heavenly thing, no matter how tainted I thought I was or am.

Thanks for following along.


Tim Edwin B.


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