The Progress of A Tarot Deck Is Priceless

I’ve been working on my tarot deck. Death and Hanged man are done and I’m ready for temperance and the devil (they are already sketched out). A whirlwind of negative cards, and still I feel my interpretations are much more friendly in appearance than the original RWS decks.

I’m still learning my trade with this deck (both art skills and reading skills), but the downloads of information I get are really making me take stock of how far I’ve come with my artwork. I look back on old posts and old things I have created from time to time and I wonder why I did some of them. I wonder why I do the work I do now, but at least I feel better about myself and the world.

The world can be tough to deal with and tough to face at times, especially with all these famous and loved people dying and all the other difficulties that go around. But tarot doesn’t have to be so challenging to use. These cards scare people and for good reason. They tap into depths of consciousness full of fear and have had a bad rap for years- keeping non-initiates at bay.

But now, all bets are off in the tarot creator world. So many interpretations have come since that original RWS and the other original decks. Still tarot has a bad connotation for lots of people. Before I got into reading cards, I was scared senseless about all of the preconceptions and cliches that were abound in tarot.

Now, working on my own deck, I feel a sort of understanding of all the esoteric meanings’ implications. The process of putting a positive spin on the whole deck has been very therapeutic for me. Though I have to face the tougher emotions and feelings that go with this work, it is healing to be on this path.

I would love to make tarot more approachable. I have help from other pros by the mere fact that there are others on this path. I don’t know any of them personally, but the work of Doreen Virtue and others has left a deep impact on card readers. Some denounce the airy fairy approach while others embrace the work wholeheartedly.

I like the idea of keeping some of the symbolism of the original and re-interpreting the artwork to fit a similar sort of aesthetic, though one I feel is more lenient on the reader. I try to keep the sense of darkness in a way that is easy to stomach. I know there are a lot of people who have been doing this for a while, but I like the process of doing a whole deck in order to learn the ins and outs of every card from an inside perspective.

Not only am I growing as an artist and illustrator, but as a person and human on Earth. I’ve never done this many watercolor paintings at once. I have never really done any project with this amount of difficulty, (AMOL aside) but it is fun for some reason. I know I will be at it for a year or two still, but it is worth it.

My skill level is improving and if that is all I get from this project, then it was well worth it. I do hope to sell the deck at some point, but just having it for me right now is fun. I will share some images soon, but I’m not sure when. Hopefully it will strike a positive chord for you.

I just wanted to update you for some reason. I am having fun; though facing the difficult parts of the deck.

I am deciding on whether to blog and I can’t seem to stay away from it for long. I don’t really have anything better to do, but I wish I were able to get more back from it. I guess I put some of you off somewhat with trying to sell things, but I am stuck in terms of making a living.

I have a lot of free time, but also a lot of stress and mental illness to deal with. I can get a certain amount of work done a day and it seems like a lot, but I get overwhelmed by it all. I do too much and stress out and feel bad when nothing sells. For some reason, I keep going. I feel I am screaming into a black hole at times. But I know it is something I am meant to do for some reason. Maybe someone will hear me on the other side of it all.

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