Tarot Deck Creation Process- Watercolor Paintings (Death to Devil)


I have made some progress on my tarot card deck this past week. Above, you see where I am today on the “Temperance” card. (XIV). I have the beginnings of (XV) “The Devil” started as well. Though the names of the current set of cards I am working on are really very negative when taken the wrong way, I am finding it beneficial for me to put my own interpretation on the cards in a gentler way.


You can’t tell from these above photos, but the images are interpreted in a friendlier way, generally speaking.. I am liking the process and I am enjoying having something productive and fun to do. I think I feel better about the angels and my comfort level for this type of work is actually improving every day.


Above, you see the “Death” card and “The Hanged Man” cards. I am going to alter the names of these cards when the deck is finalized. The above two cards will still need some fine tuning, but they are pretty much done. I have printed some cards out as a trial to see if it I am on the right path.


When I saw how some of the cards turned out in the trial print from my desktop printer, I realized I had rushed a bit in the process of making some of the cards and there were areas that I really wanted to fix and make better. I did go back and rework some of the earlier cards in the deck (Not shown).

I am going in the order the cards were made in the Rider Waite Smith deck. So far, the furthest I have gotten is the beginning stages of Temperance and Devil (as previously mentioned). That is almost 16 out of 78 cards, so 62 more to do. I feel good about my progress though there is a lot to look forward to. Having nearly the major arcana finished (6 more to go), I feel good about how far I have come with the deck. I did put the cards off for a while as I was nervous about working on the difficult cards in terms of energy, but I realized there was not really anything to worry about as long as I put the images in a positive frame of mind.

There are lots of decks out there that emphasize the negativity or the perceived negativity of some of the tarot cards, but I am liking the gentler approach right now. In the past, I may have been more prone to focusing on the negative, but considering the amount of growth and change I have been through in the recent past- I appreciate more the kinder approach to art making. I am taking my time, though trying not to get too attached to the art.

I will continue to work on this as I go about other projects. I feel better about the whole issue of death and negativity and things like that. I also have a better appreciation for tarot decks and artwork that in the past I would have dismissed as simple for not having an edge. When I was younger, I wanted to be a famous artist who was extreme in his interpretation of life. Funny thing with age- it tends to soften you and make you realize that all that negativity doesn’t really help anyone, especially the person living it.

That is it for now. I will have some more posts about what I have been doing lately in the coming week. I may post some Zazzle items tomorrow or later on. I have been making more  zazzle items on my own. There seems a threshold that I have not reached yet where sales start to happen. I have bought some of my own items to show here, so there will be some reviews in the coming days.

Thanks for following along.

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