Zazzle Poster and T-shirt Review- Angels Abstracts and Bonsai

Angel Art Poster Zazzle

Over the holidays, I was able to afford to get some posters from my Zazzle shop at a huge discount. I got some small posters and some large posters. All of which seem stellar. Working digitally can sometimes be painful because there are no physical things to hold until they get printed out. This is something I learned a long time ago. It is always fun to see how my work looks IRL. I love the surprise of seeing something I work intimately with actually manifesting in reality. It is like seeing an old friend for the first time.

Abstract art poster - zazzleAbstract art posterAbstract angel art posterAbstract art and posters

Above, you can see some of my past purchases and paintings, along with the newest addition on the right. I put the smaller posters on the same wall and another larger poster in my bedroom. I am very impressed with Zazzle’s printing job and more than happy with my purchases. DISCLAIMER-Zazzle did not pay me to do this, but I do have a shop with them where I make money.

I decided to look and see what a tshirt would cost, and went to put an order on hold, but accidentally placed the order, after which Zazzle offered to refund my money. I wanted to wait until later to order this shirt, but it went through, and because I tried to cancel it right away, and because their policy is to not create the product until an hour after purchasing to allow for cancellations, I was able to get an almost full refund. The shirt arrived in good condition and fit just right. Most shirts when I first get them will have some sort of chemicals all over them that prevent me from wearing them right away, but this felt different and I did not get any sort of rash, as usual from a fresh shirt. A washing later, and the image seemed a bit faded, but still in good condition.

I found the image they showed on the site was a little more bright and bold as compared to the actual shirt, but the ink does seem to be applied extremely well. I don’t see it fading any more soon. Shown is before wearing it. (I will try to remember to post an update). The shirt was a Hanes tshirt, which is comfortable. I know there are all sorts of different brands of shirts that they sell there and all sorts of different styles and size customizations. You can get a multitude of shirt colors depending on the brand and type.

Although I wish there was a way to put my image on the full shirt, and not the small portion of shirt, I do think it worked well for this image, and there are newer options for full print beach shirts,  but not tshirts. It seems they are making all sorts of progress there and they always add new items, trying to outdo themselves.



All images link to their item page in my zazzle shop.



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  1. Tim, you’re posters look Amazing!! I had one printed of one of my own paintings but by my own local print house. I must admit, it is really cool to see your own artistic work come to life in another form! 🙂

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