Looking Forward to Giving More Readings- Brain Drain

I want to give some readings soon on the blog. I am trying to figure out what I will do in terms of selling readings. I may try to get a profile on some card reader website where a large amount of people sell readings. I have to figure out where to go because I really have no idea. 

I learned a lot recently about card reading from the CACR course that I just finished.

There is a lot of stigma to overcome for card readers. The stereotypes are really bad and being brought up on horror movies and things like that, I got to a point of being deathly afraid of card readers and cards in general. Tarot seemed to be something that was the devil’s tool. Or people would warn me to be careful with it. That it was dangerous.

All this fear around this subject being directed at me from just about everyone and the fears of dealing with a world where people beat others up for the simple fact that they just don’t understand a subject or a person made me hesitant and apprehensive.  

I had a heck of hard time overcoming a lot of negativity and well, hell. Mental illness can be a bit of a hell on its own and when negative energy like mentioned exists, and is directed at someone while trying to open up spiritually, it can be rather overwhelming- to say the least-not that anyone is really to “blame”.

Card reading is a spiritual tool. A person can connect spiritually and get direct advice from heaven itself. A hard pill to swallow for millions of people. 

People like Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine are working diligently to lighten the mood of the collective in regards to card reading and tarot reading and spirituality in general. 

I fell into this new age world almost by accident while trying to overcome depression and other difficult things in life. I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into and I was a very negative person for a long long time. Worry was my middle name and crazy was the atmosphere. 

It was this new age, self-help community of people who actually truly care about the world and genuinely want to make this world one of light that made me feel like I could overcome just about anything. I applied my learning to life and made huge improvements almost every day. The most loving and inspirational people in the world were in my mind the ones who were interested in new age materials. 

Growing up, I was Protestant- a form of Christianity. I never really agreed with the idea of catholocism and strict rules in terms of how to live and who to follow and what had to be done a certain way. New age was a freedom for me that I had not experienced elsewhere. 

Long story short, I developed my interest and developed my card reading skills and my art along the way. I feel I am ready to read for people and I want to gain the experience for helping people with cards. I have several card decks that I am making and a few that I already made. I want to use my own card decks, and a mix of other ones when I read. 

I may at some point make some YouTube videos with readings, but that still scares me a lot. YouTube seems to be the best place for an entrepreneur to make a name for themself. I know it is pretty much inevitable, but still I want to hold off for that. 

I have grown a lot through this blog and through this work. I have developed so much in terms of what I want to say and do and who I am. I know myself more than I ever have and I know what is possible for me. I feel good about my skill level and my ability. 

I don’t work well with a regular schedule. It always falls through. I know I can change that if I want, but I feel my work works better without a set structure. Playing things by chance and allowing goodness to come in its own way is what works for me now. The idea of the strict work schedule just doesn’t make sense to me and I am more comfortable just posting whatever comes up at the moment. I do plan some things in advance, but as far as a regular every Monday do this or every Saturday do that, or every whatever day do a certain thing- it just doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t seem to function that way.

Anyhow, I am just emptying my brain onto WordPress so look forward to more readings in the future. 


Tim Edwin B.


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