Upcoming Oracle and Tarot card decks for 2016



23 card oracle card deck


Here are test prints of some of the cards from the three unfinished oracles I am working on and a test print of my tarot deck. These have been in the works for some time and account for a large amount of the projects I have to work on in terms of oracles. I have other projects I am working on that are quite different from these card decks. As you can see, one deck requires a large amount of work.

The above deck will be a set of 23 cards when done. It is something that came to me while meditating as I rushed to get the meanings and ideas for each card written down in a frenzied fit to “not forget” what I was given. I had been using a dummy deck that was not sufficient enough to understand the final deck. There were only words and a simple sketch on blank cards. I wanted to have an idea of where the deck was going to end up. I made the images above with colored pastel paper that I cut and glued down to form an image: a collage of sorts. I am sure there is a specific word for this type of work, but I’m going with collage for now. I scanned and edited these four images and printed them out on my desktop printer at the final size. I then cut the cards out of the photo paper to get a better idea of what the deck will be in the end.




The card deck above will be a set of either 12 or 24 cards and will possibly lead to various types of add on card decks. Similar to how games like ‘Magic: The Gathering” have various add on sets for the same game. A collectible Deck of varying cards with different types of artwork.



The above image shows a different deck completely and will be another set of 23 cards. For some reason, 23 seems to be a number that I keep coming up with for simple decks that don’t require a ton of cost for printing, but are still able to deliver a quick card reading. I was inspired by playing around with Lenormand decks. Lenormand is a popular divination deck with only 36 cards which are laid out in a particular fashion. I went through a lot of testing and trial and error in order to get a feel for what the deck would end up being like. Printing the images, although only a few of the final, led me to get a more grounded feel of what the deck will turn out to be.


Above are the starts of my tarot deck previously posted. I like printing out the test prints as it gives me tremendous amounts of feedback and gives a fuller idea of what the decks will turn out to be and therefore informs me on the rest of the deck to come. It is a long process to do this type of work, but it is very rewarding to get to see something like this in the end.

I recently found out that the printer that I have been using is now offering a “UV coating” that will allow for shinier semi-gloss cards that have a better “feel” and that shuffle more easily. This was one of the things that bothered me about The Game Crafter- the card stock was not the best in relation to other printers. I hope to get some more copies of my finished oracle decks that will have the UV coating. I will post photos next month and a bit of a review if I am able to get some copies.

I would love to be able to print out a ton of finished card decks in order to sell them myself, but my budget only allows for print on demand from certain companies. I want to get a post up about my reasons for using print on demand sites soon. I know as a customer, it can be a little disconcerting to want to buy from someone, but not be able to buy directly from someone.

I hope to be able to make some videos explaining the use of the cards and to give a better idea on how to understand their working methods. That is a long while away from here, but it is something that is on my mind. I hope I gave you some idea of where I am going with my work for now. I have a lot of fun working on this sort of thing, so if you enjoy this stuff, please let me know.

I hope you have a great week, weekend, month, year, whatever.

Thanks for following along,

Tim Edwin B.


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