Reading for Week Of January 25-31 2016


Here we are with a new week. I am pulling cards from my ‘Abstracted Divination‘ oracle card deck.

First card is-


In this card, we are asked to go far towards our dreams. Whatever it is, follow your heart and go for what you believe is right.

Second and third cards are


Here, we see that we need time alone in order to come to terms with any misunderstandings that are going on around us. The chaos of the world and energies around us lead us to need to spend time alone to regain any sort of composure we may have lost. This could also sugliest to spend time to recuperate from any storm, literal or figurative that may have happened lately. In my area, there was a massive snow storm that dropped over two feet of snow. That is over 24 inches to try and get around in and maneuver with. Now is the time to get past the obstacles that may have caused this. It is interesting that the “misunderstandings” card painting was inspired by a snow storm a few years ago. I felt it sort of looked like a weather map of a big huge storm, and now the card shows up right when another big storm happens.

Anyhow, we are guided to take the time we need to get past any recent obstacles, misunderstandings, arguments, or difficulties. And we will be able to get past these, we just have to allow time for any sort of healing and for any events that need to happen first.

I also pulled cards from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s tarot deck, ‘Angel Tarot.’



The cards, again, reflect the need to work towards our goals, spend time alone and tune into our intuition, and not work so hard on too many projects (guilty).

The worst is behind us, we just need to tune in and use our intuition to give us some ideas in regards to going towards our goals and convictions, and standing up for what we believe in, in order to work past any issues. Quiet meditation will allow for us to work past any recent calamity. We may have been too hard on ourselves. Allow for any misunderstandings to pass by and move on. Just like a storm is uncontrollable and we just have to let it have its say, now is a time to haul in the rails and take a knee and rest while we work on something more low-key that gets us closer to our goals. Allow the uncontrollable circumstances to have their go as you take time to reflect and do something comfortable, hopefully away from any chaos.


To finish the reading, I pulled some cards from another one of my own oracle card decks, ‘Minor Healing Oracle



These cards clearly say to me, “It is a mystery why you let things bother you when you can be alone and reading/writing.”

Now that some major calamity has happened, (maybe you caught a cold, or got caught in a storm, or some major mishap has happened around you) you should be happy that you get to spend some comfort time alone, or away from the chaos. You can still follow your dreams and follow your path no matter what gets in the way. Even though you may have to take it slow and research or read or what have you, you are still able to get progress on your life’s ambitions. Take time to recuperate and enjoy the break that Mother Nature, or recent events have allowed you to naturally be ready for. Although it may have seemed to be something against you, it was really there to redirect you to time to refocus and rest. Enjoy it!


Thanks for reading my reading,

Tim Edwin B.

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