Mid-Week Reading for 1-27-16



Here is a quick reading from my self-published oracle deck, ‘Minor Healing Oracle.’ This deck is for the simple things in life. It will point to everyday things that may need to be addressed or acknowledge a part of your daily routine or life that spirit wants to acknowledge.

The cards today point to things that bring you joy that are minor and are beginning to make your life easier to deal with. Maybe someone did you a favor that really meant something to you and made your day just a bit easier. Maybe something you normally do just came about in an easier way than usual. Either way, things are starting to get easier for you in terms of something minor that brings you joy.

Perhaps you have a new hobby that just became easier due to a new understanding or insight from someone else or something you read or watched. It’s the little successes that lead to a simple and easier life. Take stock of the abundance small things are able to give you. You may not notice how something seemingly insignificant can create a chain reaction of good things in your life. Getting or giving a compliment can have the power to change a whole day around.

It feels like luck is on your side today and even if it is not, by the end of the next day or two, you will receive an insight that will make your life easier in a simple way. It’s like spirit is gifting you with a way to make that little thing that is fun for you all the more enjoyable and this sort of thing can make your life flow and function in a much better way for you.


Enjoy your day and the rest of the week. I hope this has helped in some way,

Tim Edwin B.


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